WorldDEM™ Streaming

Discover WorldDEM Streaming, a commercial webservice, granting global access to WorldDEM™ and WorldDEM4Ortho.

WorldDEMTM Streaming grants global* access to WorldDEMTM (12m) and WorldDEM4Ortho (24m) via streaming.
Browse, discover, and experience the global WorldDEM dataset by viewing the relief map.
Access to the global* WorldDEMTM and WorldDEM4Ortho databases to generate value-added information and run analyses.

WorldDEMTM Streaming

What is WorldDEMTM?

WorldDEM is a 12m Digital Surface Model (DSM) with unprecedented quality, accuracy and coverage. WorldDEM provides a reliable and precise reference layer to enhance a wide range of applications.

What is WorldDEM4Ortho?

WorldDEM4Ortho is a 24m elevation information layer optimised for the orthorectification of high-resolution (HR) and very high resolution (VHR) optical satellite imagery. WorldDEM4Ortho is the most consistent, homogenous and accurate elevation model for high-quality image orthorectification on a global scale.

Global access* to WorldDEM and WorldDEM4Ortho

The WorldDEM Streaming service provides access to the global WorldDEM database via two protocols. These protocols include WMTS for free unlimited access to relief map viewing and WCS for accessing the data in full resolution. A weblink for WorldDEM Streaming is provided upon order receipt allowing direct connection to your GIS. API integration into own applications is possible. The consumption can be monitored and tracked online. There is no minimum Area of Interest (AOI) size for streaming, allowing you to exactly define individual AOIs. Once an AOI has been streamed, it can be used multiple times (only pay once for same area). This offer comes with a yearly subscription model. Several subscription ‘Packages’ are available suiting to your needs starting at €2,500/year (625km² of WorldDEM or 2,000km² of WorldDEM4Ortho, or a combination of the two).

*On demand release request for sensitive countries.

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WorldDEM Elevation Mont Fuji Japan

WorldDEMTM Streaming Key Features:

  • Viewing: Browse, discover, and experience WorldDEM by viewing the full resolution relief map
  • 3D Analytics: Access to the global* WorldDEM and WorldDEM4Ortho databases to generate value-added information and run analyses

Your Advantages with WorldDEM™ Streaming:

Mapping applications - Icon

No minimum order size: Access to very small AOIs, which allows the customer to exactly define individual areas

Cost efficient - Icon

Only pay once for the same area: Unlimited data access of a given km² for all packages

Available Globally - Icon

Flexibility: Distinctive ‘Packages’ are available suiting to the customer’s needs

User friendliness - Icon

Ease of use: Direct connection to user’s GIS software & API for integration into own applications 

WorldDEM™ Streaming Service Manager

For an overview of your requests and balance, access the WorldDEM™ Streaming Service Manager in your Web browser with the following URL: