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Pléiades Neo, Countdown has Commenced!

The first Pléiades Neo satellite is ready and will be launched from Kourou in French Guyana on 16th April 2021. 30cm imagery is coming to the market! Are you ready for Pléiades Neo? Follow the story

17/04/2020 03:50:00
20/04/2021 03:50:00













Delivering Value from Data in Our Digitally Connected World

In today's fast paced and ever changing world, dependable information to base decision making and planning on is everything. But sometimes the right information can be a challenge to come by at the right time, in the right place, in the right format. For 30+ years it has been our mission at Airbus intelligence to deliver actionable intelligence so that our customer and partners can respond to their challenges with greater speed and greater certainty.

What Can We Do for You

With proprietary access to the world's leading commercial satellite constellation we deliver sustainable geospatial data solutions that span the entire geo-information value chain and are unrivalled in the marketplace. The applications we serve are manifold and include maritime surveillance, precision agriculture, emergency response and environmental monitoring.

As worrld-leading experts in geo-information and defence solutions, we help decision makers to increase security, optimise mission planning, improve management of resources and protect our environment.

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What is OneAtlas?

OneAtlas helps connect imagery from space to decisions on Earth. OneAtlas is the Airbus platform that enables easy and flexible access to constantly updated premium and archive imagery, value-added global layers, industry-specific insights, and innovative analytics that help empower you to get the data and insights you need, and grow your solutions.

What Our Customers Say

Orbital Insight

"We are excited to work with Airbus to make that combination of imagery and analytics available at scale to our customers and to decision makers all around the world."

James Crawford,
CEO & Founder,
Orbital Insight

Simplot Company

"The high-resolution, high frequency imagery we receive from Airbus enables our crop advisors to quickly respond with more agronomic insight to issues occurring in the growing season."

Allan Fetters,
Director of Technology J.R.,
Simplot Company

HawkEye 360

“Airbus is an exceptional partner and investor as we develop and deliver our vision for the future of space-based RF data and analytics. Together we build sophisticated products and services that intelligently leverage a more comprehensive range of data than previously commercially available.”

John Serafini,
Chief Executive Officer,
HawkEye 360

The Ocean Cleanup

“Coordination with the Airbus Tasking Team was a key factor in the success of our project, which combined programming, algorithms and navigation. This experience makes it possible to consider many new ways of improving the detection of offshore plastic.”

Bruno Sainte Rose,
Fluid Mechanic Expert,
The Ocean Cleanup

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