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Our Reference Layers

Enhancing your data with our highly precise range of geometric information

Our Reference Layer portfolio offers the most comprehensive range of Digital Elevation Models, global Basemap and Ground Control Points. They provide highly accurate information, up-to-date and available worldwide to improve the geolocation of your ortho imagery. Reference layers answer the needs for defence mission planning, targeting, global and urban mapping, aviation, infrastructure planning and much more.


The right Elevation Model for all your project needs

WorldDEM Neo image over Vietnam

WorldDEM™ and WorldDEM™ Neo

The most accurate global satellite-based digital elevation models available today! With unique data quality and level of detail, both elevation models facilitate a wide range of applications such as line-of-sight-analysis, hydrological modelling, satellite imagery orthorectification and much more.

3D Textured Model

3D Textured Model - Visualises the world in 3D. Derived from very high- resolution optical imagery, this opens up new possibilities for rapid highly detailed reconstruction and visualisation of large areas. Supports planning and the decision-making process across many of your markets such as mapping, defence, civil engineering, safety and security, insurance and risk management.

3D Textured Model - Washington

Elevation 1&4

Elevation 1&4

Elevation 1& 4 Digital Elevation Models deliver highly precise altrimetric information and are the best choice for infrastructure and engineering projects.

Airbus Ground Control Points

Airbus Ground Control Points (GCPs) – are highly accurate 3D coordinates, essential for precise ortho-rectification of aerial, optical satellite images and drone data. They precisely localise ground features and landmarks for mission planning, support the calibration and validation of topo mapping and mobile mapping data for HD maps.

Airbus Ground Control Points

Pléiades Satellite Image - Honolulu, USA


OneAtlas Basemap – the most reliable worldwide imagery Layer –visualising the world based on our highest-grade satellite imagery to help make decisions, to monitor and plan missions. The Basemap provides the most reliable geo-localised information, accurate and constantly refreshed.

What our customers say

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"We are amazed with the accuracy of the Airbus GCPs and that we can harmonise them so well with other data sources. Without the GCPs, we would not be able to complete this huge project in the allotted time frame."

Ady Ruchiatan,
Managing Director,

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“We needed freshness, we got it in a flash. Airbus’ reliability in collecting timely, on spec, and on quality, has been outstanding. More than a provider, they are a true partner.”

Vincent Tigny,
Business Development Manager,
GIM, Netherlands

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