Data Management Systems

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Airbus DS Data Management Systems are software and hardware packages installed behind your own firewall on premises at your facility, or in the field on a mobile device.

Our Data Management Systems Include:

I4D (Intelligence for Defense)
I4D (Intelligence for Decision)

A delivery framework for defense applications utilizing a GEOINT data center and a 3D interface. 

I4D is essentially a front door for a range of services provided by
Airbus DS, which are generally based on data fusion and the interpretation of imagery.

GATOR (Geospatial Appliance Targeted for Operational Response)
GATOR (Geospatial Appliance Targeted for Operational Response)

An encapsulated and portable geospatial server for offline use in the field. 

It’s a “grab and go” appliance that provides flexible access to streaming geospatial data in your chosen GIS environment.