From 2021, Airbus Intelligence is reshaping the Earth observation-based services with the launch Pléiades Neo, the new optical 30cm resolution constellation.

Pléiades Neo is our most advanced optical constellation, with two identical 30cm resolution satellites with ultimate reactivity. Entirely funded, manufactured, owned and operated by Airbus, Pléiades Neo is a breakthrough in the Earth Observation domain.

Thanks to these state-of-the-art satellites, we optimise each step of the acquisition and delivery cycle in order to offer you top-level Earth Observation services now and going forward into decades to come.

Key features

  • 30cm resolution
  • 2 agile identical satellites in constellation
  • Sun-synchronous orbit, 10:30 am, Descending node, 620km altitude
  • Innovative cloud-based ground segment architecture for massive production
  • Mono, stereo and tri-stereo acquisitions
  • Mission lifetime
    10 years

  • Spatial Resolution
    VHR 0.3m Ground Sample Distance (GSD)
  • Spectral bands
    Deep Blue, Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, Near-infrared, Panchromatic
  • Intra-day revisit
    Daily, anywhere
  • Dynamic range at acquisition
    12 bits
  • Coverage
    1 million km² per day