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Marie Hakova - GISAT
Published 12/01/2017
« We’ve been using GeoStore for the past 2 years and the ease of both tasking new imagery and accessing archive satellite data from Airbus Defence and Space, has been highly appreciated by my clients... »

New: View available products and layers over your AOI

Published 24/01/2018
« In one click, you can now see the available product layers covering your AOI. To do this, select your product  (Spot, Pleiades, WorldDEM…) which will be highlighted in y... »

New: Basemap is now accessible in GeoStore! Use Basemap or add your own customisable map imagery directly into GeoStore

Published 24/01/2018
« You can now add credential layers to your choice in GeoStore. First of all, click on the “Add layer”  button. Then choose the type of layer and copy the URL of the layer... »

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