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November 2018
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Digital Transformation

In this edition of Imagine 360, we explore the new developments that Airbus is bringing to market and the technology being used to power these advanced products and services.

We highlight how Airbus is supporting the maritime industry with the launch of Ocean Finder, a powerful tool to assist with a wide range of applications – from ship monitoring and tracking, to illegal activity detection and military mission preparation. We discuss how Airbus is using the latest advances in augmented reality to create a military 'sandbox' fit for the 21st century, aiding in training and mission preparation through an interactive and highly accurate representation of the battlefield, delivered through 3D holographic maps.

We are also launching our 'Multi-Intelligence Solution for Armed Forces', a true multi-intelligence platform that has been specifically designed to fulfil the operational requirements of military intelligence and provide the tools they need to manage the entire intelligence cycle.

Supporting Maritime Domain Awareness

Over the course of the past 20 years, maritime security and surveillance has become a notable challenge for governments, NGOs and private organisations – all of which require effective solutions to watch over their ocean-going assets and territorial interests.

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Introducing the Holographic Tactical Sandbox

New technological innovations have created huge opportunities to create a tactical sandbox fit for 21st Century military requirements. Airbus has leveraged these advances to develop the ‘Holographic Tactical Sandbox’.
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Total Recall: The Multi-Intelligence Solution for Armed Forces

The ability of Airbus SAR sensors to identify and measure even subtle changes in a target area provides a very powerful tool for detailed military and/or environmental monitoring applications.
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Our Products in Action
RECCE Touch Software: Providing Real-Time Results to Brazilian Navy

Airbus new RECCE Touch software allows Brazilian Navy to perform real-time on-board object recognition, thanks to a very intuitive interface and a database already containing more than 1,500 objects.
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