Wildfires in Bormes les Mimosas, France

A OneDay Pléiades image taken over the 7,000 ha of burnt vegetation

Starling successfully launched

Now, companies can verify their forest impact.

To make informed decisions, you need the best intelligence. We have it.

Happy Birthday TerraSAR-X!

We celebrate 10 years of precision, reliability and outstanding service of TerraSAR-X satellite.

Up-to-Date Maps for Military Operations

When peacekeeping forces take to new terrain, every move is critical.

MGP provides troops on the ground with up-to-date maps they need to securely enter unknown terrain.

Join the Challenge

Airbus Global Earth Observation Competition

Airbus invites start-ups to present innovative ideas on how to create new business primarily using Airbus satellite data

WorldDEM Supports Your Civil Engineering Projects…

…with detailed and accurate geo-information, even in remote areas…

…to facilitate urban planning and enable you to plan constructions within an existing landscape context.