Starling successfully launched

Now, companies can verify their forest impact.

To make informed decisions, you need the best intelligence. We have it.

Happy Birthday TerraSAR-X!

We celebrate 10 years of precision, reliability and outstanding service of TerraSAR-X satellite.

Up-to-Date Maps for Military Operations

When peacekeeping forces take to new terrain, every move is critical.

MGP provides troops on the ground with up-to-date maps they need to securely enter unknown terrain.

Join the Challenge

Airbus Global Earth Observation Competition

Airbus invites start-ups to present innovative ideas on how to create new business primarily using Airbus satellite data

WorldDEM Supports Your Civil Engineering Projects…

…with detailed and accurate geo-information, even in remote areas…

…to facilitate urban planning and enable you to plan constructions within an existing landscape context.