Happy Birthday TerraSAR-X!

We celebrate 10 years of precision, reliability and outstanding service of TerraSAR-X satellite.

Paris, Le Bourget 2017

A Pléiades OneDay image over the Aeronautic and Space Exhibition

WEBINAR - New service dedicated to forest monitoring

Companies can now verify and prove their no deforestation commitment

One Atlas

The World’s Freshest Basemap

With One Atlas, it’s as simple as starting a car!

Join the Challenge

Airbus Global Earth Observation Competition

Airbus invites start-ups to present innovative ideas on how to create new business primarily using Airbus satellite data

Delineating the World’s Ocean Shorelines

WorldDEM Ocean Shoreline: A Welcome Addition to Airbus’ WorldDEM Portfolio

Discover the benefits this new thematic layer will bring for your shoreline mapping activities.