Defence and security decision-makers rely on up-to-date intelligence and the ability to leverage all available datasets to make informed assessments.

With the explosion of available data, from an ever-growing plethora of sources, consolidating relevant information into a manageable solution is a major challenge for military leaders the world over.

With this in mind, Airbus has developed a true multi- intelligence platform that fulfils the operational needs of military intelligence and provides the required tools for managing the entire intelligence cycle.

Following extensive consultation with high-level military intelligence stakeholders, the completed Multi-Intelligence Solution provides tools, functions and capabilities for intelligence operations, from strategic to tactical levels of the National Defence Intelligence community, in support of operations.

Based on the Fortion® Intelligence suite of integrated products, and fully compliant with NATO standards, the Airbus Multi-Intelligence Solution handles the Intelligence Requirement Management & Collection Management (IRM- CM); the collection of relevant intelligence from all sources (IMINT, ELINT, COMINT, OSINT, HUMINT); the processing and fusion of that information into a Common Intelligence Picture (CIP); the dissemination of intelligence to those who require it; and its storage in secure databases that facilitate rapid referencing and retrieval.

Airbus Multi-Intelligence Solution has been designed in line with the ‘Concept of Generic Architecture’, which gives a maximum flexibility to tailor the deployment of different configurations for diverse intelligence missions. This approach enables the validation of all requested configurations within the same platform and throughout the project.

The Airbus Multi-Intelligence Solution is also supported by a comprehensive training and maintenance programme, which follows Airbus’ proven project management methodology to ensure successful delivery and operation, delivered by experienced personnel with Airbus’ ‘Training Academy’.

Key benefits of the solution include:

  • Assists commanding officers to frame operations
  • Synchronises and manages all intelligence capabilities
  • Delivers early warning aids in the preparation of joint intelligence
  • Identifies information gaps and helps formulate strategies to acquire missing information
  • Supports information fusion and feeds decision-making tools
  • Enables interoperability and intelligence sharing
  • Continuously updates the Common Intelligence Picture