Over the course of the past 20 years, maritime security and surveillance has become a notable challenge for governments, NGOs and private organisations – all of which require effective solutions to watch over their ocean-going assets and territorial interests.

From protection of a nation’s Exclusive Economic Zone and preventing illegal activity within it, to securing an individual vessel or an entire fleet against terrorism and piracy, the threats are as varied as they are substantial.

In response, Airbus has recently invested in a new high- resolution satellite constellation and High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS), in order to grow its surveillance capacities and become the world’s primary commercial maritime domain awareness service operator and system provider. Combining its proprietary data with all other relevant maritime intelligence sources, such as AIS, VMS or MetOcean models, Airbus is building on its expertise on big data, machine learning and predictive analysis, to assist the maritime industry in answering its key challenges – helping it to increase its knowledge, better anticipate threats, trigger alerts, monitor suspicious behaviour and improve operational efficiency at sea.

Most recently, Airbus has developed an integrated solution to directly support decision-making and maritime surveillance. Named Maritime Intelligence Centre (MIC), the new suite utilises the power of Airbus’ I4D software (Intelligence for Decision), which is field-proven for military intelligence and has been optimised for maritime missions. This solution is already being used by the French Navy and combines multiple information and intelligence sources to provide customers with a global vision of the maritime environment.

Ocean Finder

Based on our exclusive access to leading-edge optical and SAR satellite imagery, we have developed Ocean Finder. This unique and innovative digital service provides ship detection and identification reports over areas and regions defined by the user, as a one-shot order in case of punctual need or emergency or on a regular subscription mode to detect changes or monitor a dedicated area. The entry level service provides a ship detection and AIS identification report in various formats. This is a disruptive service giving to the users the hand on the AIRBUS satellites programming and tasking to enhance the reactivity of ship detection by satellite.

Airbus, in partnership with CSO Alliance, a maritime community of Company Security Officers (CSOs) and IT responsible officers, has deployed a maritime crime reporting portal including an anonymous cyber incident reporting facility. This initiative CSO Alliance/Maritime CyberAlliance is supported by insurers and P&I, ship owners and managers, flag states and the IMO. The Alliance will reach 1,000 members at the end of 2018, becoming the most important incident reporting database in the industry.