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Visualising Environmental Peril Risks at Property Level

For over 15 years Airbus has shaped how satellite imagery is used for finance applications. Our thematic services support risk modeling, underwriting and claims teams to enable better planning and results.

Geospatial Financial Hub - Environmental perils risk data and portfolio analysis at property level

Risk assessment is a key task for mortgage lenders, conveyancers, property surveyors, valuers and insurance underwriters. They are reliant on the sharing of data at the earliest stage of the transaction. The failure to do this currently results in decisions based on assumptions and undisclosed information, which incur financial costs, risk to lenders and delays to the customer.

Airbus’ Geospatial Financial Hub delivers multiple geospatial GB datasets, from leading specialists, to eliminate uncertainties and reduce risks for the property insurer, owner, vendor and lender.

Airbus supplies multiple geospatial datasets:

  • Secure online visualisation platform.
  • Portfolio data is styled in a heat map for ease-of-use by the user.
  • Every residential address in Great Britain is appended with:
    • A binary flood risk score;
    • A binary subsidence risk score;
    • A count of non-repudiated subsidence claims in the area;
    • Details and images of property surveys, including your own data.
  • API’s allow additional data (such as title deeds) to be layered in continuously with built-in geo-processing.
  • Peril assessment for property portfolio with geographic concentrations of existing risk exposure
  • Information is updated every six weeks to enable the regular addition of data on new builds and to remain up-to-date.
Geospatial Financial Hub-Subsidence-Flood
Flood image: Property flood risk analysis for insurers and lenders / Subsidence image: Subsidence perils risk management at property level

Geospatial Financial Hub Key Features:

  • Access to multiple geospatial GB datasets from leading specialists
  • Environmental perils datasets at individual property level
  • Property portfolio risk analysis
  • Visualise risk via an easy-to-use online platform

Your advantages with Geospatial Financial Hub:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Quick Decision Making:
Make immediate decisions on insurance and mortgage applications through a centralised data solution

Safety first (data)_1 - Icon

Reduce Portfolio Risk:
Future proof portfolio by assessing the risk of your back-book

Scalable to user need - Icon

Increase Efficiencies:
Realise efficiencies by carrying out desktop surveys prior to sending surveyors on-site.

User friendliness - Icon

Improved Customer Experience:
Improve the customer experience by reducing the delay in insurance and mortgage application decisions

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