From 2020, Pléiades Neo will reshape Earth ­Observation-based services. Airbus’ most advanced optical constellation, with four identical 30cm resolution satellites with ultimate reactivity, optimises each step of­ the acquisition and delivery cycle. The best of very high-resolution optical imagery, for an unprecedented level of geospatial services.

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Key Features

High quality 30cm ground sample distance (GSD) with 6 multispectral channels.

  • Mono, stereo and tri-stereo acquisition capability.
  • 2 million km² per day.
  • Intraday revisit of any point on Earth.
  • Reactive tasking and rapid delivery thanks to SpaceDataHighway

Key Benefits

Information supplied in a drastically reduced timeframe.

  • Extensive monitoring.
  • Rapid coverage at regional scale.
  • Enables generation of analytics to feed massive intelligence needs.

Technical Specifications

  • Number of satellites: 4 identical satellites in constellation
  • Launch: 2020
  • Orbit: Sun-synchronous, 10:30 a.m., Descending node, 620km altitude
  • Product resolution: Panchromatic 0.3m
  • Expected geolocation accuracy: <5m CE90 at Nadir
  • Dynamic range at acquisition: 12bits
  • Swath: 14km at Nadir
  • Revisit capacity: Daily, anywhere (30° off-Nadir), Twice daily, anywhere (46° off-Nadir)
  • Pointing agility: ± 52°
  • Mission lifetime: >10 years
  • Spectral bands: Deep Blue, Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, Near-infrared, Panchromatic