Military Mapping

Besides the needs of pure military intelligence, Defense organizations have an increasing need of geo-information in order to refine the handling of troops and military means and to ensure sound decision making.

This demand of geo-information in military field covers a large range of products and services:

Military Mapping
  • The national mapping for Mapping Agency depending on the Ministry of Defense
  • The digital mapping of territories outside national borders through long production plan (MGCP like) or rapid and opportunity mapping related to a regional crisis. Both situations are consuming a lot of satellite data because of reasonable cost, freshness and availability
  • The creation of geographic data base containing not only base maps but as well physical and human information about the region or country: relief, climate, hydrology, food / energy resources, industries and key economic figures, political and religious information, all of them localized when possible. These data bases combine information from recent satellite images with thematic data available through various sources (open sources, professional, academic sources)
  • The creation of decision support tools able to present to forces the must complete and recent view of all geographic characteristics of the battle field. The system displays and crosses very different thematic information such as topographic maps, recent images from satellites, airborne and UAV, relief (DEM, contour lines), weather conditions and forecast, nautical maps, human information. This type of system requires generating data layers, to check their compatibility and to design the HW and SW architecture to store, select, disseminate and display the information
  • The generation of very accurate 3D data base covering large areas to guide or to register combat and operations support systems (missiles, UAV, airborne)

All these geomatics applications require the combination of data acquisition means (and satellite data are key data in this context), processing facilities, storage and dissemination means, and engineering capacities that Airbus Defence and Space can offer.


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