Defence Intelligence

As the Defence IMINT and GEOINT sector transitions to higher operational standards with the importance of having access to accurate, real-time, geographically-referenced intelligence information, faces ever constrained budgets and ever challenging conflict atmosphere /rising conflict occurences, the role of geospatial technologies will assume even greater significance in tackling current and future security threats.

Airbus Defence and Space's delivers a wide range of geospatial product and services with a rising focus on persistent surveillance, temporal analytics and predictive modelling to Department of Defence/Defence Ministries, Security and Intelligence services, defence contractors and multilateral organisations for their surveillance and reconnaissance missions.  


DRS: Virtual & mobile receiving stations

Airbus Defence and Space offers direct access to telemetry to receive satellite data in real time for your military operations:

  • DRS (Direct Reception Service),
  • Pléiades mobile receiving station.


Satellite imagery

Defence and Security applications have come to rely on satellite imagery as a crucial source of information, offering knowledge of the territory, discrete surveillance and frequent passes over any point on Earth.

  • Collect imagery needed to derive military geospatial information (satellite image maps, DEM).
  • Satellite imagery collection available from all of the major commercial satellite systems, all type of sensors radar and optical, from HR to VHR resolution such as SPOT, Pléiades, FORMOSAT-2 or TerraSAR-X data for example.

Airbus Defence and Space leverage all satellites of Airbus Defence and Space to ensure up to daily revisit thanks to the multisource tasking on SPOT5, FORMOSAT-2, TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X, and soon Pléiades and SPOT 6/7.

Tasking is the heart of our job, upon your need we will internally come up with the most appropriate tasking strategy to answer your need, e.g. FORMOSAT-2 for crisis mode (daily revisit), TerraSAR-X for cloudy areas (SAR), Pléiades for detailed and small targets (Very High Resolution)…


GEO Elevation range

When deploying coalition forces to overseas theatres of operation, 3D imagery provides a territory-wide geospatial reference. With GEO Elevation, quickly gain a highly and accurate 3D picture of the terrain, everywhere in the world, whatever the relief and weather conditions.

See more on GEO Elevation range based on optical and radar satellite imagery.


SPOTMaps is the ideal visual medium for sharing tactical information, allowing you to combine synoptic vision with detailed analysis:

  • Seamless, uniform coverage of entire territories in natural colour, derived from SPOT 5, 2.5-metre imagery
  • Ready for integration into command systems
  • Highly accurate geographic reference for  military mapping and flight training and simulation



Surveillance on demand for IMINT community users and intelligence analysts.
GO MONITOR provides surveillance information on any outdoor area of interest on a frequent, reliable and cost-effective basis. It delivers change detection reports through safe and protected email alerts, based on regular observations from multi-source and multi-resolution satellites.

Geoweb decision platform, DSDI*

Leveraging spatial information for any GEOINT mission planning and operations conducting such as:

  • strategic site area mapping
  • situational awareness
  • Threat analysis
  • anti-terrorism surveillance
  • border monitoring
  • conflict management
  • military operations pre-planning
  • military mapping
  • training and simulation modeling
  • anticipation analysis
  • combat field Information
  • guided missile flight planning
  • urban security

Provides users with various defense authoritative data layers, basemaps, topomaps, historical vectors, asset tracking, sensors and mobility devices information, human terrain analysis, open source intelligence, weather information and much more on your requirements.
Up-to-date information content in a variety of formats, intelligence data fusion and shared awareness capabilities.
Extensive geo-processing capabilities to generate highly accurate and customizable intelligence maps for efficient intelligence and analytics production.

*Defence Spatial Data Infrastructure


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