Direct Receiving Stations

The fully accessible multi-satellite Direct Receiving Station Airbus Defence and Space (DRS) offers, enables a direct access to the company’s complete Earth observation satellite constellation.

With the SPOT, Pléiades, TerraSAR-X andTanDEM-X satellites, Airbus DS offers access to six space systems that are 100% commercially accessible. Direct access users benefit from the quick and easy availability of data for the creation of imagery products for many applications in both, national institutions and commercial markets.

DRS offer:

ONE Terminal to access the Constellation

  • Antenna to receive telemetry from the satellites
  • Constellation terminal to process telemetry into image product
  • Data management system to display and disseminate data

Reception and Distribution

  • Access rights: Conditions under which you can order new data collection
  • Distribution rights on selected market(s)


  • Installation of the equipment
  • Training program for full operation
  • Daily programming and support for station operations
  • Technical assistance and maintenance

“ONE Access: A dedicated portal to manage the contract and the tasking requests”


Your advantages with DRS :

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Acquisition capability

combining the benefits of optical and radar satellites to achieve an unparalleled coverage, resolution, cloud-independence, accuracy and unique agility

High quality & Reliability_2 - Icon


with daily revisit and real time acquisition of relevant information

Improved cooperation_1 - Icon

More value for money

Development of applications and products to deliver to end users

Dissemination of these products to users through a secure online portal

Preferential data pricing

High return on investment through guaranteed long-term service continuity

Safety first (data) - Icon


Dissemination of the products through secured online portal

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