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Reliable Services Supporting Maritime Safety

Based on unique access to leading-edge optical and SAR satellite imagery, we provide detailed information over vast and remote ocean areas. Our Maritime Monitoring Services support shipping and insurance companies, oil, gas & mining organisations, national and private security forces and environmental protection agencies to ensure the safety and efficiency of maritime activities around the globe.

Ocean Finder - Locate, Identify and Track Ocean Assets

This service provides information reports of ocean assets over surfaces and places defined by the user, as a single image or on a regular basis. The basic level of information provided is a ship detection report which can be optionally enriched with ship classification and identification or activity detection.

  • Reliable service capability with use of radar and optical sensors:
    • Pléiades and SPOT 6/7 for daily collection of areas as big as 100,000km² with an ideal resolution to identify larger ships and detect/classify small to medium sized vessels.
    • TerraSAR-X for near -real-time detection of small to large vessels, whatever the cloud cover and lighting conditions, automated detection capability allows for rapid delivery.
  • Transparent service package with selection of appropriate sensors, their activation with the relevant priority and report production (incl. if possible AIS signal matching to pinpoint non reporting boats)
  • Two different modes:
    • Routine mode, for background intelligence, as one-off or on a regular basis
    • To support planned or unplanned operations - rapid delivery is activated to ensure the information is as fresh as possible for users

Ocean Finder key features:

  • Detects illegal activities
  • Relocates hijacked vessels
  • More effectively manage your fleet
  • Ensures increased safety in hostile waters
  • Assists with search and rescue efforts
  • 24/7 service – coming soon

Your advantages with Ocean Finder:

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

More Ships Detected: From detection to classification and identification using weather-independent radar and optical high detection capability

Effective & Fast - Icon

More Frequently: Daily and even intra-daily revisits, leveraging all sensors, enabling a situational understanding several times a day

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