Monitoring Services for Maritime

Reliable Services Supporting Maritime Safety

Based on unique access to leading-edge optical and SAR satellite imagery, we provide detailed information over vast and remote ocean areas. Our Maritime Monitoring Services support shipping and insurance companies, oil, gas & mining organisations, national and private security forces and environmental protection agencies to ensure the safety and efficiency of maritime activities around the globe.

OceanFinder - Locate, Identify and Track Ocean Assets

OceanFinder is a unique and innovative interface that allows customers to directly order satellite-based maritime detection and identification reports to monitor ships and activity at sea.

The service encompasses 24/7 access to OceanFinder platform allowing maritime stakeholders to inspect available satellite footprints in relation to additional information like AIS and nautical charts, as well as the option to order satellite-based situational reports. Vessel detection reports (VDR) include near real-time information regarding vessel positions, size and relevant context information.

A simple pay-per-use concept ensures that users have full control over their budget, while a subscription service is also available.

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OceanFinder key features:

This service conveniently packages the following steps:

  • Self-selection of the appropriate product depending on the kind of ship to be detected/identified.
  • Enhanced AIS data correlation to identify the precise location of a non-responding vessel in near real-time.
  • Fully-automated detection and classification of vessels.
  • Route prediction and projected location of vessels (coming soon).
  • Satellite sensor activation with the relevant priority to ensure a successful mission.
  • Report delivery, including AIS signal correlation to pinpoint non collaborative vessels.

It can be activated:

  • In routine mode, for background intelligence, as a one-off or on a regular basis.
  • For scheduled or spontaneous operations and emergency delivery can be activated to support urgent event responses.

Reliable service capability through combined use of optical and radar sensors:

  • SPOT 6/7 for daily collection with an ideal resolution to identify larger ships and detect/classify small to medium sized vessels.
  • Pléiades very high resolution imagery allows detection of small vessels and identification of larger vessels. Context information on the vessels’ activity can be extracted.
  • TerraSAR-X for near real-time detection of small to large vessels, independent of cloud cover and lighting conditions, a semi-automated detection capability allows for rapid delivery.

Your advantages with OceanFinder:

Available Globally - Icon

Allows fleet monitoring

Mapping applications - Icon

Relocated hijacked vessels

Customer support & training - Icon

Facilitates maritime mission preparation

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Provides situational awareness in hostile areas