TripleSat – A New Opportunity for You

TripleSat image of Helsinki, Finland - 1000x260px

Airbus Defence and Space signed a Master distributor agreement with Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Company Ltd. (21AT), the Chinese earth observation satellite operator, to allow a worldwide distribution of the TripleSat* very high resolution images. The TripleSat constellation consists in three identical very high resolution Earth observation satellites designed to cover large areas to offer a daily revisit.


  • Three identical very high resolution satellites (0.8 m resolution),
  • Daily access to any target on Earth with incidence angle lower than 35 degrees,
  • Acquisition capacity of a half million km² per day


  • Capacity to cover large areas in very high resolution,
  • Intensive monitoring
Technical Specification TripleSat

*TripleSat is also known as DMC-3 or Beijing-2 and was built in the UK by SSTL. The satellites are operated by 21AT in China.