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Delivering Value from Data in Our Digitally Connected World

In today’s world information is everything, but it can be a challenge to come by the right information at the right time in the right format. Airbus Intelligence supports its customers with technologies and capabilities to strengthen how they plan and respond to challenges and missions - with greater speed and higher certainty.

With 30+ years of experience in Earth Observation and Defence Systems, we provide sustainable solutions that deliver exactly what our customer's need, when they need it, where they need it.

Our Portfolio

Our Intelligence portfolio is exciting, attractive and differentiating. It blends 30 years of experience within the domains of Defence Systems and Earth observation products & services. This allows Intelligence to serve you in over 100 countries across more than 12 industry sectors - be it commercial, institutional civilian or institutional defence.

Today, Intelligence is recognised as:

  • A global leading provider of optical & radar satellite imagery, and associated services & solutions
  • A leading supplier of ISR and Air Defence Solutions to France, Germany and NATO
  • A leading European supplier of Land & Joint Command & Control solutions
  • A data-driven, service-led business, in line with changing market expectations and conditions

Reinforcing this leading position and looking to the future with high ambitions is a constant goal.

Based on this, we are ready - and eager - to launch new services, new ways of doing business and new routes to market that deliver actionable intelligence to our customers. Our portfolio evolves accordingly and new products, services and systems are hence being offered.



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A Unique Footprint for a Global Reach

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  • 2,000+ customers in 167 countries
  • including >300 customers in Defence in over 30 countries


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  • 161 Resellers in 77 countries
  • 26 Direct Receiving Station Partners
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  • 2,000 employees in 10 Countries
  • 23 Offices
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Digitalisation, a new era…

At Airbus, we are investing in the needs of the market and look towards the future and beyond. With the constant need for higher resolution data at an increased rate, we are listening to our customer demands and expanding on the digital transformation of our products and services to improve all facets of the geospatial business.

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With an increased need of higher resolution data that is collected more frequently, we are investing not only in the technology that provides this data, but also in the way that users can access this data. By collecting, processing, fusing and analyzing data, we are able to provide unique services and solutions to our customers in just a few clicks via the cloud. By leveraging cloud resources, our services are more accessible than ever. OneAtlas, our new collaborative environment, provides access to Premium imagery, large-scale image processing, industry-specific insights, and additional Airbus assets, empowering companies to grow their solutions.

OneAtlas has allowed us to digitalise our assets, giving you access to a wide range of Airbus services. You now have real time access to fresh, curated imagery with global coverage in a variety of formats and resolutions as well as the ability to detect infrastructure changes over any area in the world. In just a few clicks, we can help provide sustainable farming solutions as well as commit to no deforestation efforts. Users can also perform large-scale image processing in the cloud, utilizing time and resources effectively. All of those services are Powered by OneAtlas, and there are many more to come.



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Innovation - We Develop Ground-Breaking Technologies and Solutions

Innovation is and has always been at the heart of what we do at Airbus. Our employees are passionate to create new product and services ideas, innovate technologies and transform business models that will positively impact the society and help to shape the future of Airbus. Over the last 30 years, Airbus has been a leader of innovation and development in the area of geospatial technology.


Airbus was a pioneer by creating the first commercially oriented satellite imagery company and has been fundamental in creating and developing the commercial satellite imagery business. Since then we have continuously pushed the boundaries and built the most comprehensive commercial satellite constellation available. And we continue to growing our assets with the future Pléiades Neo, CO3D and TerraSAR-X Neo missions. Our work also focusses on developing analytics capabilities, multi-intelligence fusion and correlation as well as artificial Intelligence. We are working in close partnerships with start-up, universities, SMEs and other partners across our markets to develop the solutions of the future.

We also offer an open innovation platform to create new applications or services using our satellite imagery. At Airbus, we are convinced that open innovation is the key to discover and develop new services and opportunities. This is why we have created this platform for developers, entrepreneurs, students,… and whoever willing to start using our data.



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As part of the Airbus group, we benefit from the power and strength of a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services, guaranteeing financial stability, intellectual capital, and confidence in our commitment to be your long-term partner and provide sustainable products and services.

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