ScResponse Incident Command

Plan, Manage and Share Operational Incident Information

Deployed into command vehicles on a laptop/PC or into operational vehicles on a ruggedized tablet or Mobile Data Terminal, the Incident Command module extends SAFEcommand (ScResponse) with the ability to plan and manage operations at an incident site from the moment the first responder arrives.

Effective Incident Command in the Mobile Environment

  • Real-time full incident messaging
  • Immediate access to mobilised resources including location and status
  • Sharing of incident data between mobilised resources
  • Plan sharing at Gold, Silver and Bronze Command levels
  • Cordon/Sector Management
  • Command Structure Management
  • Designed and developed based on operational needs with key input from our client led Working Group
  • Provides access to full range of operational information associated with location
  • Built upon proven Mobile Data technology and based on over 20 years of operational experience
  • International mapping and language support

Designed to be installed on specialist ICU vehicles or on front line appliance MDTs, ScResponse Incident Command is a module of the ScResponse product.  It enables the first responder to immediately start planning in reaction to the incident by initial cordon planning, polygon, icon and line placement and creation of the organisation chart as well as providing access to risk and hydrant information (ScCourier integration with back office required) as well as third party data sets.  
Once the Incident Commander has arrived on site, they immediately know which resources have been allocated to the incident, their status and location, the actions taken and messages exchanged already, thus minimising the time required to “get up to speed”.  At that time, plan ownership can be easily transferred to the Incident Commander.
Combined with ScGateway and ScCourier, it seamlessly links both Command & Control (C&C) and the data gathered within the back office ScCapture system, to be automatically deployed to ScResponse Incident Command users in the field.  
All data messages sent between mobilised resources are available to the Incident Commander providing a complete overview of the incident’s history and current position.  All items added to the Incident plan are relayed to all mobilised ScResponse Incident Command enabled resources ensuring the plan data currency is near real time and not time delayed.  Along with ScGateway’s ability to retry messages over multiple bearers brings enhanced plan availability and resilience to Incident Management.  
To ensure that ScResponse Incident Command delivers the features and functionality required by our customers, Airbus created a Working Group of existing customers to actively participate in the user interface design, terminology used and prioritisation of features included within the development.  As the product was developed regular feedback was gathered through product demonstrations to the Working Group and over time to all customers, which will continue as the product evolves ensuring that the product meets your needs.  

ScResponse Incident Command