SAFEcommand™ Guide: ScGuide

Bi-directional Messaging, Navigation and Operational Information

Deployed into operational vehicles on a TomTom Bridge unit, SAFEcommand Guide (ScGuide) brings together data communications and status updates with in-built TomTom routing and mapping capabilities.

Effective Data Communications and Navigational Routing in the Mobile Environment

  • Simple and reliable data communications tool ensures efficient use of data bearers and helps to reserve voice communications for when its most necessary.
  • Can be used in conjunction with ScResponse without the need for dual entry of incident location.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use, touch screen interface based on ScResponse.
  • Priority message facilities provided for emergency situations.
  • Colour scheme for day/night use.
  • Private APN used for transmission of messages.
  • International mapping and language support.
ScGuide - Incident Screen

ScGuide successfully provides incident information along with the navigational and routing capabilities of TomTom Bridge. With ScGuide, frontline teams can respond quickly and safely.

ScGuide can be used within an appliance alongside ScResponse on an MDT, or can be used solely in an Officer’s car or other Small Vehicle.  As the Command & Control (C&C) sends a mobilisation message, ScGateway will route the message to ScResponse on an MDT and to ScGuide on the TomTom Bridge, even when there is a shared call sign between the TomTom Bridge and MDT.  Behind the scenes, ScGateway delivery strategies and retries are used to ensure that messages are exchanged between ScGuide and the C&C, as well as ensuring that ScGuide and ScResponse sharing the same call sign are synchronised.

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