SAFEcommand™ Courier: ScCourier

Management Tool for the retrieval and publishing of geo-spatial and  non-geospatial information from back office applications to operational clients.

Deployed centrally, SAFEcommand Courier (ScCourier) enables the data content displayed on Mobile Data Terminals to be controlled by a system administrator, along with specifying the configuration to be used.

Effective Operational Support for the Mobile Environment

  • Extremely flexible to extract data from a variety of data sources with minimal new configuration.
  • Updates are discovered automatically – so no need to manually export updates.
  • Mobile Data Terminal update checks can be configured to occur as frequently as every 30 seconds.  Mobile Data Terminals that are available to receive information will receive updates almost immediately.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard providing a quick view of which clients are out of date.
  • Ability to acquire from third-party data sources.
  • Automatic delivery of mapping updates
  • Ability to remotely deploy ScResponse configuration and software updates to mobile clients.
ScCourrier - Illustration

ScCourier successfully provides up to date information to your front line personnel to enable them to prepare in advance and execute operations safely.  With the ScCourier Dashboard your System Administrator has an immediate picture of how up to date the information on each Mobile Data Terminal is and control the deployment of software updates and configuration changes – without the need to visit every Mobile Data Terminal in the field.

Combined with ScGateway and ScResponse, it seamlessly links both Command & Control (C&C) and the data gathered within the back office ScCapture system, to be automatically deployed to ScResponse users in the field.