Interview with Oles Yasinsky

TVIS CEO - Oles Yasinsky
Oles Yasinsky, CEO of TVIS-INFO, LLC – Airbus Defence and Space reseller and one of Ukraine’s leading GIS solutions providers, talks about how GeoStore, our imagery portal, supports his daily business.

1. Can you tell us about your company and describe some of your key activities? 

My name is Oles Yasinsky and I am the CEO of TVIS-INFO, an Airbus Defence and Space partner in Ukraine. The majority of our orders come from within the military sector. We work closely with the Ministry of Defence in Ukraine and I must say that this is very challenging. They have very demanding requirements, in terms of both tasking time and delivery time, requiring the freshest data possible. We have to stay online 24/7, ensuring we are ready to accept new tasking orders whenever a need arises.

2. You are using Airbus Defence and Space’s GeoStore to access the imagery. Tell us about your experience with the portal. How does it support end users in their daily activities? 

With GeoStore we can place an order late at night to put it into the programming pool for the following day. I can give you dozens of examples where we placed orders in the evening and they were acquired by Pléiades the next day. GeoStore really is an amazing tool. Our customers are happy with the speed of delivery, so we are thankful to Airbus Defence and Space for developing such a great and convenient tool. I would recommend using GeoStore to anybody.  Just try it, and you will never switch back to the “old-fashioned” way of ordering.

Our most successful story: order placed at 23:40, AoI acquired at 10:30 next day, data available on server at 11:40, 1.5hours after acquisition. So for the Ministry of Defence it took 12 hours to get the desired image. I wish all our data providers had the same reactivity and flexibility.

3. You are regularly using the Instant Tasking Service. Can you tell us more about your experience with this? Do you have an example? 

Our key customer, the Ministry of Defence, uses Instant Tasking and is completely satisfied with the level of service. On one occasion he received data within 3hours after the acquisition. We were praised verbally for offering this particular option. 

4. From your point of view and according to your experience, what is the most crucial requirement for defence end-users? 

Regarding our customers the most crucial point for them is the time of delivery after acquisition. If you manage to set 3 hours delivery time as a standard deliverable – you will be the best remote sensing data provider in the World!