Global Seeps

Updated coverage and New Delivery Service
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Global Seeps Database

Over the last 20 years Airbus Defence and Space has developed a global database of offshore seeps. With more than 60 million km² available off-the-shelf, consisting of over 22,000 potential seepage slicks derived from 19,000 radar scenes (Figure 1), Global Seeps is a cost-effective tool for risk-ranking in new exploration regions, seismic planning and baseline oil pollution mapping. 

Global Offshore Seeps Database - individual radar scenes

Coverage diagram of the Airbus Defence and Space Global Offshore Seeps Database.
Red polygons indicate individual radar scenes contained within the database.

Continually Updated Coverage

As repeat coverage is critical in increasing the confidence level of previously identified slicks and for identifying discontinuous seepage events, emphasis is placed on adding new scenes to the database. Over 5,000 new scenes were added to the database during 2013-2014 as part of a major update (Figure 4). TerraSAR-X is being leveraged to acquire imagery in areas of the World lacking radar coverage or for specific customer studies. 

Global Offshore Seeps Database - new scenes added from 2013 - 2014

Over 5,000 new scenes added from 2013 – 2014 (shown by the green polygons)

In 2015, updates will increase further, with a continued commitment to add additional scenes.

In order to make this tool even more effective, we are working in close collaboration with current users when selecting the priority update areas.

We would like to involve you in this process!

In order to make this tool even more effective, we want to prioritise coverage based on user requirements.

Simply submit your area(s) of interest here.

*New Hosting and Delivery Service*

The Global Seeps Database can be licensed for a specific block, region, continent or as a complete database and includes slick points and outlines in separate layers, and ships and rigs.

We are now able to deliver the data through ARCGIS online.

Global Seeps - Updated coverage and New Delivery Service

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