Geological Interpretation Study for Madagascar

The East African Rift is increasingly becoming an exploration hotspot for Oil and Gas activities.
In order to support the growing levels of exploration activity onshore and offshore Madagascar, Airbus Defence and Space has made available an off-the-shelf Geological Study for West Madagascar.

This study is an extension of the East African Rift regional Study and is also available as a stand-alone dataset.

Key Benefits

Geological Interpretation Study for Madagascar
  • Consistent geological interpretation for regional evaluation:
    - Seismic planning
    - Risk assessment
    - Logistics planning
  • Comprehensive record of offshore seeps with confidence levels:
    - Identification of a number of high and medium confidence slicks in the Madagascar channel
    - Geological context for seep locations

The interpretation study includes:

  • West Madagascar onshore geological interpretation
  • Regional offshore structural interpretation
  • Seeps database updates

Study Deliverables

The final study deliverables are provided in digital format as an integrated ESRI ArcGIS project, containing the following data and interpretation:

  • Structural and stratigraphic interpretation (supplied as ArcGIS Geodatabase)
  • Offshore oil seeps (extract from the Airbus DS Oil Seeps Database) and source Radar data Major drainage channels and water bodies
  • Named structural features
  • 15m Landsat 7 ETM+ imagery in a 742 (RGB) band combination
  • SRTM 90m DEM in shaded relief form
  • 100m contours

A hardcopy and digital written report with illustrations, integrating results from the study in relation to published maps, reports and papers is also supplied. In addition, five hardcopy map sheets (1:500 000 scale) will be provided with the Study.

Geological Interpretation Study for Madagascar - Coverage

Geological Interpretation Study for Madagascar