Features & Benefits

Our flexible options regarding satellite tasking, data access and delivery, enable you to make decisions based on geo-information business applications. See the list of features and benefits for our Tasking and Data Delivery options, to determine options that best suit your application.

Tasking, Process and Data Delivery

Tasking - Tailored and adapted tasking according to the priority, cloud coverage, acquisition parameters
- Several acquisition modes (eg target, strip mapping, stereo, tri-stereo)
- Privileged and secured access to all Airbus Defence and Space satellite resources
- Flexibility to tailor new data ordering to your needs
Data Reception - Near real time Reception through terminal is near real time: telemetry downlinking is performed right after data is acquired
- Reception in your own facility
- Extreme reactivity compared to standard retail product
- Confidential reception of data
Data Production - Easy production capacity with Multi-Satellite Terminal - Local autonomy
- Straight forward data exploitation
Data Delivery - Using standard means (Hard Drives / FTP) or Airbus Data Management Solutions - Easy distribution to your end-users
- Complete control of data dissemination



Mixed resolutions and swath - Easier data handling and processing over the largest areas (less strips to cover a given zone, including in Very High Resolution as Pléiades enjoys the biggest swath of its market)
- Increased detail for finer mapping, smarter change detection and thorough image analysis (Pléiades)
- Cost effective picturing of countries, regional mapping of areas with medium density - countryside or suburbs (SPOT)
- Detection of a target with SPOT 6 within a large area, and then target identification by zooming with Pléiades
- Cloud Free images anywhere on the world (TerraSAR-X)
- Optical and Radar combination acquisitions strategy and image interpretation to serve more applications (Maritime, Risk Management, Natural Resources)
2 sets of optical satellite constellations
(phased orbit, daily revisit)
- Faster access to a target anywhere on Earth with a t acquisition  opportunity twice a day
- Greater monitoring (up to daily) to regularly track change over any site on Earth
- Combining sensors for faster AOI completion
Reactive operations
(multiple tasking planned per day)
- Integration of last minute requests
- Optimized tasking plans by combining systems acquisition capacity
Massive commercial acquisition capacity - Full Resource availability, for faster coverage 


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Features & Benefits