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Based on a unique access to leading-edge satellite imagery and expertise in image analysis, processing and interpretation, GO Monitor delivers reliable and timely surveillance information via automatic e-mail alerts, simple and ready-to-use change reports and a secure 24/7 web access.

Key Benefits
  • Reliable change information anywhere on Earth
  • Client-tailored monitoring routines
  • High quality image processing, analysis & interpretation
  • Application-specific expert analysis
  • 60 off-the-shelf pre-selected monitored sites worldwide
  • Secure 24/7 online access
  • Cost and time efficient surveillance

Reliable Monitoring Services Worldwide

GO Monitor is developed for professionals who need accurate and reliable terrain information. No matter how remote or inaccessible a site may be, with daily revisit options and independent of weather conditions, GO Monitor delivers timely and regular change information, enabling users to monitor:

  • Day-to-day business operations
  • Assets
  • Impact on the environment
  • Security, incidents and emergency situations
  • Strategic and tactical surveillance
  • Business Intelligence

A wide range of organisations can benefit from this type of service including commercial businesses and governments operating in sectors such as defence & security, oil, gas & mining, civil engineering, insurance, environment, public safety, financial trading, real estate & construction, and economical development.

GO Monitor - Huludoa Harbor Surveillance - 2011

Huludoa Harbor Surveillance - This harbour has been under surveillance since 2009. On July 4th 2011, a new probable submarine construction was observed.

Client-Tailored Monitoring

GO Monitor services are tailored precisely to individual client's requirements:

  • Area of interest
  • Type of change to be monitored
  • Project timeline and frequency

All these parameters are analysed and, based on a feasibility study, a monitoring program that best meets individual requirements is defined and implemented.
As an alternative to this individual monitoring, users may also opt for an off-the-shelf site monitoring solution: over 60 hotspots around the globe are currently being monitored regularly.

High-Quality Change Information

A solid expertise in satellite image analysis enables Astrium to provide high-quality image analysis, processing and interpretation for versatile purposes. Depending on project requirements, GO Monitor provides standard and advanced change detection.

- The standard image analysis relies on automatic change detection that highlights and classifies differences, compared against alert thresholds, between two consecutive images. The analysis documents the level of activity in the area of interest and includes image processing and interpretation by a qualified analyst.

- Relying on an experienced team of application experts such as geologists, IMINT interpreters, or offshore specialists as well as dedicated processing technologies, advanced image interpretation work is performed, including analysis such as:

GO MONITOR Image Interpretation
GO Monitor Change Report Example

Example of a GO Monitor change report, available through an online subscription service

Comprehensive Reports


GO Monitor provides comprehensive monitoring reports that highlight relevant changes in the area of interest, including satellite imagery as well as processing, interpretation and analysis by an application-specific expert.
Ready-to-use and intuitive thanks to detailed annotations and descriptions, GO Monitor reports are perfect even for non-experts.
Users can securely access the information from anywhere, anytime through the go-monitor.com web portal, featuring:

  • Email alerts
  • Viewing of image and analysis results
  • Downloadable monitoring report (pdf)
  • Exportable interpretation layer (shape files)
  • Options to set up a 24/7 service and to export reference satellite image



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Did you know?

GO Monitor relies on a unique constellation of Earth Observation satellites which combines very high and high resolution optical and radar sensors.

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