SPOT Satellite Imagery

Accuracy and Coverage Combined
SPOT 1 to 7 Constellation

Since 1986, SPOT constellation provides optical satellite imagery combining high-resolution and wide swath.

Scheduled to be respectively launched in 2012 and 2013, SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 will provide continuity up to 2023.

What you get with SPOT Satellite Imagery

SPOT 5 Satellite Image - Lisbon, Portugal

SPOT 5 Satellite Image - Lisbon, Portugal
© CNES 2004

Meeting Multiscale Requirements

SPOT Satellite Imagery offers an optimum combination of resolution and coverage.

A single SPOTScene covers a footprint of 3,600 km² at resolutions of 20 m to 2.5 m, with a location accuracy until 10 m. Such precise, synoptic coverage is ideal for applications at regional and local scales from1:100 000 to 1:10 000.

Global Coverage When and Where you Need it

The SPOT satellites have built up a global archive of millions of images since 1986.This archive is a vast storehouse of recent and historical data for multidate analysis.

The SPOT satellites can also be tasked to meet your specific time and place requirements. Astrium’s programming service ensures your needs are effectively addressed at every step, from requirements analysis and satellite tasking proposals through to image  validation and regular assessment of attempted image acquisitions.

Fast Delivery

The SPOT constellation offers the capability to acquire imagery of any point on the globe, every day. The imagery is processed and posted on line within hours of acquisition and delivery.

SPOT 5 Satellite Image - Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

SPOT5 Satellite Image, 2.5-m natural colour - Tabuk, Saudi Arabia © CNES 2003

A Cost-Effective Solution for a Broad Spectrum of Applications

Whether you are looking to cover large areas or target specific sites, SPOT Satellite Imagery is often the most economical and effective solution. Depending on the level of resolution you require, images at standard resolution start at € 0.3 per km².

SPOT Satellite Imagery is an established basemap source ideal for updating your project databases. It delivers added value for many applications:

  • mapping
  • defence
  • urban planning
  • telecommunications network planning
  • crop management
  • environmental monitoring.

Key Features

SPOT5 Satellite Image - Tamanrasset, Algeria

SPOT5 Satellite Image, 2.5-m colour
Tamanrasset, Algeria © CNES 2006


Products Panchromatic : 2,5 m - 5 m - 10 m
Multispectral : 2,5 m - 5 m - 10 m - 20 m
Spectral bands P (panchromatic) ; B1 (green) ; B2 (red) ;
B3 (near infrared) ;
B4 (SWIR : short-wave infrared, for SPOT 4 and 5)
Footprint 60 km x 60 km
Revisite interval 2 to 3 days
1 day with full constellation of Spot satellites
Tasking Yes, standard or priority
Global archive > 20 million images since 1986
Viewing angle Cross-track : +/- 27°
Forward / backward stereoviewing with SPOT 5
Location accuracy < 30 m (1σ) with Spot 5
< 350 m (1σ) with Spot 1 to 4
Ortho products : < 10 m (1σ) with
Reference3D database
Otherwise, dependent on quality of ground control points and DEM
Preprocessing levels 1A, 1B, 2A, Ortho


SPOT Satellite Imagery Products

A Simplified Products Range

  • SPOTScene, standard SPOT satellite imagery (3 600 km²)
  • SPOTView, the customized digital satellite image map
  • DIMAP, the SPOT product data format recognized since 2002
  • Accurate orthorectified images thanks to geographic reference database Elevation30

Quick and Worldwide Access Online

Online services make access to SPOT products easier:

  • SPOTCatalog, the online catalog of SPOT satellite imagery from all over the globe since 1986
  • SPOTMaps Store, buy uniform 2.5m coverages for 2€/ km²

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