National Spatial Data Infrastructure

National cartographic databases are associated to spatial data infrastructure to generate, manage, disseminate and ensure data quality and interoperability and compliance with INSPIRE or OGC standards.

Astrium Services SDI offer is structured around:

  • geospatial data acquisition and storing module
  • geospatial data development of mapping reference information layers
  • metadata definition: geo-data repositories and digital libraries
  • development of modules for geospatial data visualization,
  • development of modules for geospatial data access, sharing and delivery
  • development of modules for data processing and analytics thanks to multiple data fusion
  • geo-portal

Astrium Services SDIs can be deployed in the cloud, local architecture or integrated into more complex systems existing within a client’s IT environment.
Astrium Services provides also high-level expertise in SDI standardization, participating to several INSPIRE and OGC working groups. This allows our solutions to grant our client increased interoperability, user accessibility, and ease of sharing of all the information vital to the decision process. It can be integrated with more thematic SDIs (agriculture…) and is supported by continuous innovation as technology and mapping requirements continue to advance.

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