We deliver multi-sensor, multi-resolution, multi-source data. Airbus Intelligence operates the largest commercial Earth observation satellite constellation
Our Focus

We empower our customers to make informed decisions and solve real-world problems

Our ambition is to be the leading provider of insightful and actionable Intelligence, with the capacity to serve our diverse customers all along their value chain - from trusted data to integration and processing of tailored solutions. We are able to create a comprehensive situational awareness picture and deliver sophisticated end-to-end solutions adapted to defence, commercial and institutional markets.

Your easy access to multi-source, multi-resolution premium data

Sensors Mosaic

Data is at the heart of everything today. But we know that it is not a "one-size-fits-all" matter. Thus our approach has always been to offer multi-sensor, multi-resolution, multi-source data.

We provide you with proprietary access to the largest commercial satellite constellation combining optical imagery from Pléiades, SPOT, Vision-1 and DMC as well as the radar constellation (consisting of TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X and PAZ). We are further expanding our sensor capabilities with the upcoming Pléiades Neo constellation giving you higher resolution, greater revisits and more acquisition capabilities.

Combining our data and third party data with unrivalled expertise in satellite imagery acquisition, data processing, fusion, dissemination, intelligence extraction and comprehensive applications experience, we deliver a broad product and services portfolio spanning the entire geo-information value chain.

Industry-specific insight for more accurate and efficient decisions

Our industry-specific solutions and systems are as diverse as our customers and their projects. Taking direction from the challenges our customers and partners face in their daily missions, we develop and implement highly sophisticated solutions tailored to defence, commercial and institutional markets

Using imagery and data as the enginewe transform insights into action. Applying our technological capabilities (e.g. change detection algorithms, automated monitoring, mapping, data classification etc) are translated into value- added services dedicated to specific vertical markets: thus we support armed forces from headquarters to dismounted soldiers in the preparation of increasingly complex missions, we help farmers to enhance their yields, we support oil, gas and mining operators to monitor their production, we assist Air Force operators in airspace management and air traffic control, we deliver insights to maritime stakeholders to monitor activity at sea … and much more.

Markets Mozaic

These industry-specific services are complemented by comprehensive customer support including project consultancy and management, training, technical support, maintenance services as well as knowledge transfer and capacity building.


Digital offers for a new planetary perspective

Digital Offers

We are continuously investing in the needs of the market and look towards the future and beyond. To meet the constant need for higher resolution data at an increased rate, we are expanding the digital transformation of our products and services to improve all facets of the geospatial business. The OneAtlas Platform helps connect imagery from Space to decisions on Earth.

OneAtlas offers flexible and easy access to constantly updated premium and archive imagery, value-added layers, as well as industry-specific insights and innovative analytics.

The development of our digital assets and services does not stop here: we are working with world renowned analytics companies and partner satellite providers to continue expanding our smart digital platforms to trigger a geospatial revolution.

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For 40+ years Airbus Intelligence has been your trusted partner for premium Geospatial Data and Defence Solutions.

	We continuously innovate geospatial solutions


We are driven by the ambition to launch improved digital services, advanced solutions and new partnerships that continue to deliver true value.

Our global reach

With 2,000 employees in 10 countries and an extensive network of partners we ensure a local presence around the globe.

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Pioneering is key for Airbus. We are supporting students, university researchers and scientists to discover solutions for the most complex problems of our world.

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