We continuously innovate geospatial solutions

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Innovation is and has always been at the heart of what we do at Airbus Intelligence. Our employees are passionate to create new product and services ideas, innovate technologies and transform business models that will positively impact society and help to shape the future. Over the last 40 years, Airbus has been a leader of innovation and development in the area of geospatial technology and defence solutions.

We ensure geospatial data continuity
beyond 2030

Airbus is a trailblazer in Earth Observation and created the first commercially oriented satellite imagery company, Spot Image, in 1982. Ever since, we have been fundamental in creating and developing the commercial satellite imagery market and geospatial data applications.

We have continuously pushed the boundaries and built the most comprehensive commercial satellite constellation available today. We understand our customers need for diverse data sources to suit a wide range of markets and applications and we know that the demand for data is continuing to grow exponentially. Thus we are growing our assets with the upcoming launch of our Pléiades Neo constellation, as well as new missions such as CO3D and TerraSAR-X Neo. Our work also focuses on developing analytics capabilities, advanced processing productsmulti-intelligence fusion and correlation as well as Artificial Intelligence. We are working in close partnerships with start-ups, universities, SMEs and other partners across our markets to develop the solutions of the future.



Digitalisation, a new era…

With the constantly increasing need for higher resolution data that is collected more frequently, we are investing not only in the technology that provides this, but also in the way that users can access it. By collecting, processing, fusing and analysing data, we are able to provide unique services and solutions to our customers in just a few clicks via the cloud. By leveraging cloud resources, our services are more accessible than ever.

OneAtlas helps connect imagery from space to decisions on Earth. OneAtlas is the Airbus platform that enables easy and flexible access to constantly updated premium and archive imagery, value-added global layers, industry-specific insights, and innovative analytics, empowering you to grow your solutions.

OneAtlas has allowed us to digitalise our assets, giving you access to a wide range of Airbus services. Our Data Services include: quick and easy access to premium and archive Airbus data, global imagery and value-added layers in streaming, download or API formats.

Our Data Services are the backbone of our business and allow us to build and partner with industry-leading analytics providers. Our analytic capabilities bring a new set of services to the geospatial community that allow for deeper insights such as: infrastructure change detection, mobile asset counting and identification, land use classification and much more.

We have also included our thematic services within OneAtlas that serve specific industries, such as: providing sustainable farming solutions for the agriculture market, helping forestry companies commit to no deforestation, monitoring and predicting refinery shutdowns for the Oil & Gas market, identify and calculate volumes of materials that are being extracted from mines, to name a few. OneAtlas provides a range of data, analytics and industry-specific services that are constantly being updated, with more to come soon.



OneAtlas Sandbox

We are convinced that open innovation is the key to discovering and developing new Earth Observation services and opportunities. Thus we also offer an open innovation platform, the OneAtlas Sandbox to create new innovative geospatial applications and services using our satellite imagery. The platform provides easy access to satellite data in various sizes, bands, resolutions and revisit styles and supports developers, entrepreneurs, students to develop and test their ideas.

Also, we regularly support various hackathons and challenges such as the Kaggle competition, GeoChallenge, ActInSpace

Our podcasts

Laura Henrichs Airbus Defence and Space - Pléiades Neo

News icon The New Elevation 0.5 Product

Thanks to the launch of the new Pléiades Neo 30cm optical satellites, Airbus is now in a position to offer 50cm resolution elevation models to users. This is the result of extensive R&D work pushing the resolution and accuracy to an industry-leading standard, which is unmatched by any other satellite data provider.
To learn more about this new product and understand key trends for 3D photorealistic quality, listen to the Geoawesomeness podcast, hosted by Aleks Buczkowski, with special guest Laura Henrichs, Marketing Product Manager for Elevation, 3D & GCP at Airbus Defence and Space.


John Murtagh's Podcast  - Airbus Defence and Space - Head of strategy 

Breakthrough in Earth Observation services

From 2021, Airbus Intelligence is reshaping the Earth observation-based services with the launch of Pléiades Neo, the new optical 30cm resolution constellation. If you want to learn more about the Pléiades Neo mission, the OneAtlas platform and understand key trends in the Earth observation sector, listen to John Murtagh, Head of Strategy at Airbus Defence and Space who was the special guest on the TerraWatch Space podcast, hosted by Aravind Ravichandran.

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	We continuously innovate geospatial solutions

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