Oil, Gas, Mining & Energy

Earth Observation to Support all Stages of the Project Lifecycle

Depletion of natural resources and a growing demand have driven Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy companies to search for new exploration sites, with new development projects in remote and often inaccessible environments. From onshore gas to deep-water oil, our industry-specific products and services support Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy operators to maximise their existing assets while minimising costs and risks.


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Your Needs

  • Assess the feasibility and make sound-decisions
  • Secure cost-effective operations, regular monitoring
  • Identify and select new exploration sites and new development projects in remote and often inaccessible environments
  • Ensure responsible development, through safe and remote site monitoring for legal, economic, security and environmental (HSE) purposes


Stack Insight

Change Detection and Volume Calculation Service

Facilitate volume calculations and change detection, allowing operators to monitor their mines without sending people into the field.

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Global Seeps

Offshore Oil Slick Database

The world´s leading offshore oil seepage information product for the oil exploration industry.

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Geological Studies

Off-the-Shelf, Non-Exclusive Studies or Exclusive On-Demand Site-Surveys

Our geologist offer a comprehensive range of onshore geological mapping services to the Oil, Gas and Mining industries.

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Surface Movement Monitoring

Improving Safety of Operations

Based on radar satellite data we deliver measurements of surface changes in the millimetric range.

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