Remote monitoring of mines and stack calculations
Stack Insight

Calculating stock piles remotely

Stack Insight facilitates volume calculations and change detection remotely, allowing operators to effectively monitor their mines at the touch of a button.

Stack Insight revolutionises volume calculations and change detection with its risk-free remote acquisition - providing you high accuracy volume calculation of stacks and piles, when and where you need it.

To deliver this precision service, Stack Insight utilises very high-resolution 50cm imagery products from our Pléiades satellites, which have the capability to be flexibly tasked, offering up to daily revisits of any area around the world.

The highly accurate dataset is then delivered directly to your desktop, providing fresh information needed to support specific operational and organisational decisions.

Aggregate volumes, such as piles of excavated material or waste material, can be evaluated without the need of sending experienced surveying experts and equipment to locations that are often remote and inhospitable.

Stack Insight provides a remote cost-effective, time-efficient and safer solution for the monitoring of operational mines across the globe. The automated service provides you with the information you need to inform and enable your specific decision-making process.


Key features

Change analysis

Change detection analysis reports to follow changes on active areas of extraction, including water bodies and other surface changes

Volumetric calculation

Report with calculation of extracted ground and piles of excavated or waste material

Stack Insight Service

Your advantages with Stack Insight

High Accuracy Icon


Satellite-based calculation service with reliable coverage of any area worldwide with up to daily revisit capabilities

Cost efficient - Icon


Reduced costs due to the remote nature of the service and automated data analysis

User friendliness - Icon


Flexible access to the service from any location with internet access

Safety first (data)_1 - Icon

Improves safety

Reduce the need to send people on-site (even in remote areas) and no hardware required on-site

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