Maritime Coastal Surveillance Systems

With increased threats, cross border criminal activities and illegal immigration, effective coastal surveillance demands highly modular, scalable and integrated solutions to enable multi-agency and multi-national coordination.

STYRIS helps to enforce border integrity and maritime sovereignty. It is dedicated to maritime surveillance and traffic monitoring, aimed at improving maritime situational awareness as well as enhancing safety and security at sea.

We have designed STYRIS to align with International conventions and laws that define the duties of states in the maritime domain of their different areas of responsibility (EEZ, Coastal Areas, Ports and Waterways).

Combining surveillance stations with network sharing information, we can support operator decisions and multi-agency coordination providing you with intuitive Command and Control tools to help accelerate your decision-making and stakeholder coordination.

You are able to monitor, supported by automatic alert systems, all vessel movements in your area of responsibility with special attention to vessels entering the area, unidentified vessels, vessels with an abnormal behaviour or vessels in distress.

With STYRIS, you can automatically display vessel information gathered by different sensors and sources of information on screen. Vessels which do not follow procedures, or small/fast moving boats, will require more attention and you can alert patrols for further investigation if deemed as suspicious.

STYRIS can also help you to monitor which patrol units are in the area and allows you to select the ‘best interceptor’ according to a patrol unit’s status, performance (max. speed, endurance) and actual position. The on-board console grants the reception of mission orders and visualisation of live targets position and recommended interception trajectory.

With STYRIS, we support authorities by increasing awareness within territories, providing the maritime intelligence needed to have more secured processes and be more connected than ever before.


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Key Features

STYRIS provides effective maritime surveillance capabilities

  • Handles various types of detected targets in the area of responsibility
  • Offers the capability for identification of the majority of maritime traffic using automatic tools such as AIS (Automatic Identification Systems) or other specific means
  • Utilises Radar and Radio Direction Finder for automatic detection and location of distress calls
  • Integrates manual identification of targets using visual monitoring sensors (cameras)
  • Provides tools for creation and real-time updates of a traffic image for all targets - RMP (Recognised Maritime Picture)

Your advantages with STYRIS

User friendliness - Icon


View the full Maritime Picture, with the capability to automatically trigger "events" in case of infringement or suspicious activities.

Effective & Fast_1 - Icon


Suggests the best strategy for tasking intervention assets using voice and data communication.

High quality & Reliability - Icon


Capture all information collected in order to use the data as evidence in case of accident, incident or arrest, and for generating statistics if traffic analysis is needed.

What our Customers Say

"Thanks to Airbus’ OceanFinder, the service allowed us to identify the location of the capsized Maxi Banque Populaire IX which was missing off the Portuguese coast during the Route du Rhum nautical race in November 2018".

Ronan Lucas,
Team Director,
Banque Populaire 

Ronan Lucas - Banque Populaire


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