Direct Receiving Station – Access Satellite Data
Direct Receiving Station

Get direct and premium access to the Airbus satellite constellation

Become an Airbus Intelligence premium partner and benefit from our turnkey solution to manage the entire satellite imagery tasking and production chain, from customer request to product dissemination to the end-user.


Get Access to the Most Comprehensive Satellite Constellation Directly to your DRS

A Direct Receiving Station (DRS) provides you with direct access to our complete Earth Observation satellite constellation. With the SPOT, Pléiades, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X satellites, we offer direct access to six sensors that are 100% commercially accessible. Very soon you will also be able to receive 30cm resolution imagery, thanks to the upcoming Pléiades Neo constellation.


As a DRS partner, you can manage new data acquisition and archive data requirements regarding Very High Resolution (VHR), High Resolution (HR) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery, as well as digital services provided on the cloud or locally at your DRS.

Receiving Station Antenna

Take Advantage of the OneTelemetry Service

Main features



One day

One now

One plan

One series


A specific day

Less than 7 days

Customer selected

Customer selected, including frequency

Cloud Cover
(for Optical)

<= 100%

10% or contractual value

<10% or contractual value
<5% with uplitt
100% for OneSeries Critical

<10% or contractual value
<5% with uplitt
100% for OneSeries Critical

Service Level





1 Premium service:
24/7 available- order modification/cancellation: free of charge
up to 12h before image acquisition - tracked tasking progress.

2 Regular service:
Order modification/cancellation free of charge


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Our One Telemetry Service is based upon OneTasking. Through this unique service we commit to deliver images that specifically meet the requirements as defined by our DRS partner. Furthermore, you will be able to create imagery products for many applications and will be granted the right to distribute these products to defence and security end-users, national institutions or commercial market.

The Socio-Economic Impacts Evaluation of Direct Receiving Stations

Are you looking for a solution to have an impact in your country?

Take a look at this study highlighting the direct and indirect socio-economic impact that a DRS can have on the environment. The report analyses the economic impact satellite information mutualisation brings through the existence of a local DRS as well as the impact along the geospatial data value chain.


Key Features

  • Modular and secured turnkey solution to manage the whole satellite image production chain including tasking, acquisition, reception, distribution
  • Allows tasking, acquisition and archiving of image telemetry for SPOT 6 & 7, Pléiades 1A & 1B and very soon Pléiades Neo
  • System works interactively with the Main Operating Centre (MOC) located in Toulouse (France) at the Airbus offices
  • Infrastructure: antenna to receive telemetry from the satellites, a terminal to process telemetry into image product and a Data Management System to display and disseminate data
  • Airbus installation of the equipment including training programmes, 24/7 support for urgent requests, 7/7 for standard requests, specific SLA for DRS as well as technical assistance and maintenance

Your advantages with DRS

Safety first (data) - Icon

Reduce your risk with Airbus
Pay only for the images compliant with your specifications

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Improved Service
Price list depending on the level of the agreed Minimum Annual Commitment. The more you use it, the bigger is your discount.

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Flexibility and Simplicity
Get personalised support and advice from our experts


What our Customers Say

“PASCO supports disaster prevention, mitigation and emergency response activities using its geospatial information technology to secure lives and property to help avoid stagnation in economic activities. The benefits that Pléiades and SPOT imagery provides can be combined with other geospatial information and data so that PASCO can help responders prioritise disaster response and reconstruction work.”

Satellite Business Division,

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