Airbus’ Fortion® TacticalC2 software supports preparation and execution of army missions

Fortion® TacticalC2

Tactical battle management software

Fortion® TacticalC2 is a Command and Control software solution for army mission preparation and execution, providing a Common Operational Picture in command centres and combat vehicles.

Airbus TactialC2 order of battle

Fortion TacticalC2 Order of Battle

Fortion TacticalC2 integrated software tools enable the users to send and receive orders, reports, alerts, course of action, establish ORBAT (Order Of Battle) and monitor a Common Operational Picture.

Being easy-to-use, Fortion TacticalC2 supports the commander in enabling him to understand the terrain and visualise deployed troops, thanks to the real-time Blue Force Tracking capability.

Airbus Tactial C2 3D view

Fortion TacticalC2 3 views

The software provides replay mode for analysis of the After Action Review (AAR). It also provides enhanced tools for terrain analysis in 3D: lines of approach, advantageous locations, key action areas, terrain suitability for manoeuvring and inter-visibility locations from different observational points. The interconnection of Fortion TacticalC2 to on-board weapons systems and sensors enables the sharing of all acquired positions in a Common Operational Picture acquired by a whole range of forces assets.


For any situation, Fortion TacticalC2 allows for ongoing command with fast and fluid information exchange.

Key features

  • Shared situational awareness
  • Compatible with tablets and large touchscreen tables (Windows® based)
  • Chat tool, individual and group video / phone calls
  • Powerful internal data search engine

Your advantages with Fortion TacticalC2

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Automatic detection and adaptation to various hardware configurations

Revisit Icon
Real-time blue force positions acquisition
Effective & Fast_1 - Icon

Leverage the weapon systems effects

Platform Security Icon
Secure communications (data transfer instead of voice whenever possible)

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