Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems

Solutions for Strategic and Tactical Mission Requirements

Our tailor-made solutions for ISR applications support strategic and tactical mission requirements, as well as the generation and dissemination of command information at all levels.

Fortion® Workflow is the solution for directing sensors and exploitation capabilities. The Intelligence Request Management & Collection Management (IRM & CM) process is the corner stone of effective Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR). It enables the direction of sensors collecting raw intelligence and exploitation stations providing elaborated intelligence from the entire coalition across all the military echelons. IRM & CM is responsible for:

  • Consolidating the intelligence requirements coming from the commander or from other units
  • Refining these requirements
    • Tasking the intelligence resources of the coalition (sensors or exploitation capabilities)
    • Monitoring the collection and exploitation tasks
    • Matching the intelligence production with the initial requirements
    • Giving feedback to the commander in due time

This is the basis of the never ending intelligence loop as illustrated by the figure on the right.

Fortion® Workflow key features:


  • Fortion® Workflow solution provides efficient capability for both IRM and CM

Exploitation capabilities

  • Automatic planning optimisation
  • Feasibility analysis: sensor constraints checking, availability of sensors, technical capabilities
  • Simulation of collection plan

Your advantages with Fortion® Workflow:

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Compliant with NATO IRM&CM processes

High quality & Reliability_2 - Icon

Military Coalition
Contribute to information superiority

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Fortion® Image Analyst - Exploitation of Multi-Sensor Imagery Data

Fortion® Image Analyst is a modern, user friendly software for the exploitation of multi-sensor imagery data and the creation of Image Intelligence (IMINT) products. Providing advanced image and data analysis the software meets the specific needs of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Joint Forces.

Through its connection to Fortion® DataShare and Workflow modules, the system can request all kinds of intelligence data (images, video clips, GMTI1 plots, tracks, AIS, Link 16 data), receive tasks and disseminate specific added-value images or video as well as exploitation reports.

Fortion® Image Analyst key features:

  • Advanced multi-source exploitation
  • Accurate measurements within images and videos (distance, angle, speed, height, volume)
  • 3D geographical location in the displayed images
  • Integration of ATR (Automatic Target Recognition) functionality

Your advantages with Fortion® Image Analyst:

Scalable to user need - Icon

Modular: Open architecture, core functions for map, image and video handling (2D/3D)

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Flexible: Works on various devices, systems and networks

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Multi-sensors Modelling and Processing: Possible extension to new satellites, other reporting formats

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Interoperable, with proven compliance to industry (OGC) and NATO STANAGS

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Fortion® Image Analyst Lite - Image Analysis and Annotation

Images Analyst Lite is an efficient application designed to extract information from satellite images regardless of your experience in geographic imaging.

Fast display and easy manipulation

With a state of the art technology, Image Analyst Lite allows quick access to large amount of data in a very simple way. Images of 20 GB in JPEG2000 or maps containing more than 30 000 objects are rapidly displayed, easily and quickly browsed, zoomed in and zoomed out.

Easy report creation

With no complex pre-processing or pre-treatment, Image Analyst Lite allows you to analyse native satellite products and publish intelligence reports using standard formats. You can immediately start to examine the image, create a complex vector map with semantics and prepare a report using standards tools.

Installation and training time optimisation

Its intuitive and powerful interface provides a significant reduction of training time for all users of your organisation, making satellite data accessible to all end users and decision makers. Image Analyst Lite can work on a standalone station, but can also be used for a group with a simple file server. No need to maintain a complex infrastructure.

Fortion® Image Analyst Lite key features:

  • Image analysis and annotation
  • Change detection tools
  • Major file format supported including GeoTIFF, JPEG2000, NITF, CADRG, ECW
  • Publish to Geospatial PDF, JPEG2000, GeoTIFF, Shapefile, KML, KMZ
  • High performance 3D preview
  • Compatible with the WMS Map Servers

Your advantages with Fortion® Image Analyst Lite:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Efficiency: Lower the time necessary to produce an Intelligence report

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Use native satellite products of all the main providers

Scalable to user need - Icon
Infrastructure and mobile target recognition
when connected to RECCE Engine© and IMINT KDB©
User friendliness - Icon
User-friendly: Easy of use, learn, install and manage.
Available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese
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IMINT KDB® - Boosting Infrastructure Recognition

IMINT KDB® is a sophisticated solution for easy and rapid recognition and identification of infrastructures from satellite or aerial images. It has been designed according to operational user feedback and is based on over 15 years of experience.


With its files structured using NATO categories, IMINT KDB helps the image analyst in recognition and identification of specific features on satellite and aerial imagery andsupports the creation and illustration of intelligence reports.

Knowledge Capture:

The integration of specific content into the database (e.g. image capture, process or methodology description, comments from the image analyst) allows the knowledge conservation within the unit.

Internal Self Training:

Supports initial training to new entrants or lifelong training allowing sharing of knowledge amongst the team.

IMINT KDB® key features:

  • Comprehensive database with more than 2,500 elements available including almost 2 Gigabytes of media (images, animations, PDF, Kmz...)
  • Enrichment possible through tools to collect, save, organise and share knowledge
  • Intuitive MMI
  • Interoperable: Connector to Fortion® Image Analyst available

Your advantages with IMINT KDB®:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Fast & Efficient: Easy and rapid recognition and identification of objects in the images

Improved cooperation - Icon

Capitalisation of knowledge: Close and secured cooperation amongst teams thanks to shared knowledge

Cost efficient - Icon

Significant reduction of cost and time due to intuitive operations and easy access to knowledge

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RECCE Engine® - Identify Mobile Targets at First Sight

RECCE Engine® is our innovative system that supports image analysts in the rapid and reliable recognition of mobile assets in images or videos.

It provides the image analyst with full confidence in the identification of a given class of equipment (Navy, Army and Air Force) thanks to an intuitive and simple interface.

The following categories are supported:

  • Air recognition keys and descriptions for aircrafts, helicopters, drones and vertical start and landing (VTOL/STOL) objects
  • Land recognition keys and descriptions of armoured vehicles (e.g. infantry carrier, personal carrier, missiles)
  • Sea recognition keys and descriptions of military ships and submarines (e.g. cruiser, destroyer, patrol, support)

RECCE® Engine key features:

Recognition Improvement

  • Support for the identification and recognition of infrastructures
  • Recognition keys defined by Airbus Defence and Space image analyst experts
  • Automatic suppression of non-pertinent criteria
  • Over 1,000 pieces of equipment already described
  • Intuitive MMI


  • Connector to Fortion® Image Analyst available
  • Connection to Jane’s Database when available, for further information concerning the recognised equipment
  • Enrichment possible with RECCE Writer

Your advantages with RECCE® Engine:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Fast &Efficient: Easy and rapid recognition of mobile objects in the images

Improved cooperation - Icon

Capitalisation of knowledge

Cost efficient - Icon

Significant reduction of cost and time due to intuitive operations and easy access to knowledge

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Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst

Fortion® EWA is an exploitation software to localise track and characterise electromagnetic emitters to produce an electronic Order of Battle.
It collects electromagnetic activity information from various types of sensors (radio communication, radar, jammer, from line of bearings and parametric information).

Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst key features:

  • Reception of Line of Bearing (LoB) through L16 JEARP or CESMO
  • Display and analysis of LoB, live tracking, heat map, localization of emitter with error ellipse.
  • Elaboration of the Electronic Order of Battle
  • Identification of emitter through the Emitter Database
  • Display and analysis of various natures of information (images, vectors, video & GMTI) with on the fly projection
  • Reporting (RECCEXREP, ISRSPOTREP, INTSUM, INTREP) & standard office documents

Your advantages with Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst:

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Electronic intelligence

  • Core functionality for ESM, imagery and map
  • Enriched with additional data sources and exploitation modules (AIS, imagery, video, Reporting formats, Tracking and data fusion)
  • The right information at the right time
Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Multi-operational & flexible

  • Supporting industry and military standards and file formats (OGC and NATO STANAGS)
  • Multi language support (including Arabic)
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Fortion® MediaMining - Your System for Advanced Intelligence Exploitation

Fortion® MediaMining is a solution to collect, process and analyse huge amounts of heterogeneous data, thanks to dedicated exploitation and analysis capabilities. It supports the fight against asymmetric threats (terrorism, piracy, criminal organisations) and provides capabilities for the permanent survey of adversary countries or organisations to capitalise knowledge for improved decision making.

Fortion® MediaMining can be used in operations as a standalone system (translation tool, for example) or as an intelligence cell dedicated to unstructured data exploitation within the theatre of operations (HUMINT, tactical COMINT) or in home countries (OSINT, strategic COMINT).

Fortion® MediaMining key features:

  • Data Processing: Information extraction with recognition of entities of interest (person, place, organisation, event, equipment), semantic analysis, automatic translation tools, speech to text, video/ audio filtering, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), speaker identification
  • Data Collection: Capitalisation in knowledge database offering advanced functionalities (advanced text search with facet, semantic search, visual search, multimedia search, spatial view of entities, network view of entities, information correlation)
  • Automatic creation of relational diagrams
  • Interoperability: Interoperable with Fortion® Workflow and Fortion® DataShare

Your advantages with Fortion® MediaMining:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Fast & Efficient: Comprehensive solution for data processing, supports multiple (and rare) languages and dialects as well as automatic or manual processing of text, image, audio and video content

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Adaptable & Flexible: Based on an open framework and able to integrate into your tool. Flexible and scalable to tackle the “big data” challenge

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Compliant with Military Standards: STANAG 2433/AINTP-3(B)

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I4D - GEOINT Data Management Systems

I4D (Intelligence for Decision) product suite is a powerful set of systems for multi-source data management, visualisation, analysis and fusion, allowing smart decision making.

I4D provides a consistent ‘ecosystem’ to manage and exploit satellite imagery or any geo-located information. Its modular and scalable systems means it is completely adaptable to exactly fit your needs.

Depending on your requirements, there are different product options:

I4D key features:

  • I4D Explorer: 3D virtual globe to visualise, manipulate, analyse and merge geospatial and temporal data, whatever their source, type and format.
  • I4D Web: Light client version of I4D Explorer, allowing web access to the key functions of catalogue access, data display, and image ordering through a web interface.
  • I4D Data Centre: Dedicated tool to store, catalog and manage all kinds of geographical or geo-located data (satellite image products, maps, intelligence data, etc.).
  • I4D Work Order Information System: Management tool of satellite image requests interfaced with satellite planning and production systems.

Your advantages with I4D:

Scalable to user need - Icon

Modular: Consistent ecosystem that adapts exactly to your needs

User friendliness - Icon

User-friendly: Single interface for data fusion from multiple data sources, raster & vector; effective and simple to use virtual globe

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Large Data Access: Safe and reliable environment able to manage and access large volumes of data; privileged access to Airbus data and services

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Smart Report

Smart Report is a tailored service providing geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) report based on the analysis of satellite imagery and open source data. The analysis is run by our Airbus team of experts to answer the most specific requests. Thanks to the insight and intelligence provided in the report, Airbus supports you to make the best informed decisions.

Smart Report key features:

  • Based on Airbus Constellation imagery, open source data and pre-processing with algorithms
  • Image Analysts expertise
  • GEOINT report in GeoPDF

Your advantages with Smart Report:

Effective & Fast_1 - Icon

Reliable and fast: direct access to insight and the information you need analysed by human expertise

User friendliness - Icon

Easy and adaptable: tailored answers to the most specific requests

Cost efficient - Icon

Cost effective: no need to buy individual satellite images

Safety first (data) - Icon

Secure and confidential: the analysis is run in a restricted area

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Conflict Atlas

Airbus Defence and Space and IHS Jane’s have partnered to create a unique offering combining accurate satellite imagery with daily insight and analysis to deliver a powerful geographical intelligence tool focused on countries of conflict and high risk.

Together, this unique, powerful tool will help intelligence professionals share and verify important content, reduce the demands on big data and quickly help identify areas that require immediate focus.

IHS Jane’s will deliver geospatial layers identifying military bases, military capability data, news, image analysis, terrorism and counter-terrorism events. The solution will also utilise IHS’ equipment specifications data to help with the identification of platforms on the ground.

Did you know? Conflict Atlas can be integrated into I4D, C2 and other Intelligence geospatial solutions.

Conflict Atlas key features:

Geospatial foundation layer

  • Imagery Consistent mosaic
  • Recent and uniform satellite imagery
  • Open street maps

IHS Jane’s Strategic Information Layers

  • Military air, ground and naval installations
  • Surface-to-air missile and early warning sites

IHS Jane’s daily information feed

  • Terrorism and counterterrorism events
  • Security news and insights

Your advantages with Conflict Altlas:

Mapping applications - Icon

Navigation to a region of conflict or instability

High quality & Reliability - Icon
High resolution satellite imagery with key content (e.g. military installations, terrorist activity, country profiles)
Available Globally - Icon

Latest security insight mapped across each area

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Fortion® DataShare

Fortion® DataShare is the solution for storing and exchanging geospatial information in a multi-site or multi-organisation environment. It provides coherent interfaces to store, search, disseminate and exchange the following type of information:

  • Imagery (spatial, airborne, handheld, maps, etc.)
  • Video clips or streams
  • Documents and reports
  • Ground Moving Target Indicators and tracks
  • Intelligence Request Management & Collection management information Fortion® DataShare is especially built to share information efficiently across a Wide Area Network and to operate in highly sensitive environments.

Fortion® CSD is the version using NATO datamodel and security mechanism, dedicated to NATO members.

Fortion® DataShare key features:

Efficient data management

  • Long term data storage
  • Efficient information exchange
  • Fine grain security enforcement
  • Data administrations


  • Compliant with standards

Your advantages with Fortion® DataShare:

Mapping applications - Icon

Fully integrated solution for handling geospatial information

Scalable to user need - Icon

Scalable from a light computer to large multi-sites infrastructure

Effective & Fast - Icon

Long term storage

Safety first (data)_1 - Icon


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Fortion® SuRVIn

Fortion® SuRVIn is a combat-proven ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) product suite which provides Real-Time Situational Awareness by detecting, locating, tracking and identify all types of air, surface and ground objects.

By collecting, processing, analysing and providing information and intelligence it enables decision superiority to every level of operations and command, be it strategic or tactical/ operational.

Fortion SuRVIn products are used in the following context:

  • Airborne Strategic ISR (e.g. AWACS)
  • Country-wide Strategic ISR
  • Tactical / operational ISR

Fortion® SuRVIn key features:

  • Easy integration of various sensors (Radar, ELINT, COMINT, ADS-B, AIS, Data Links, GMTI, SAR, IR, Image and Video …)
  • Collection and fusion of all data in Real-Time
  • Covering the whole Intelligence Cycle: Planning, Collection, Processing & Analysis and Dissemination
  • Generation of a Common Operational Picture (COP)
  • Integration of high-precision Airbus satellite data
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • International standards and interfaces (e.g. NATO STANAGs), accredited by NATO

Your advantages with Fortion® SuRVIn:

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Superior situational awareness under real-time conditions

Scalable to user need - Icon

Scalable from Countrywide networked system to single software suite modules

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Useable on flying platforms (Aircraft, Helicopter, UAVs), ground stations (deployable shelters or trucks), ships and distributed ground surveillance systems

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Can be used to interconnect various platforms and systems to share situational picture

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Fortion® SuRVIn ABI

The need for a comprehensive situational awareness of fused real-time sensor information and intelligence data is the main driver for Fortion® SuRVIn Activity Based Intelligence (ABI). Given the vast amount of information collected and stored by modern sensors, many customers still lack using this data to their favour. We provide data storage and smart data analytics solutions based on Smart Data technology. Our leading edge algorithms provide means to turn the sensor information to a game changer by using it in combination with the real-time data and provide the results where they are needed: on our customers’ platforms, wherever they may be.

Fortion® SuRVIn ABI key features:

  • Real-time Situational Awareness based on Multi Source Fusion and processing of any sensor data type like e.g. Radar (primary, IFF, passive), AIS, ESM, Datalink, GMTI, NFFI, ADS-B, ELINT, COMINT, Sonar, Images, …
  • Various possible implementations:
    • Integrated with Fortion® SuRVIn products as complete surveillance/mission system on an ISR platform or in a shelter
    • Integrated with any legacy C2ISR system (Air, Naval, Ground)
    • Standalone software suite with a web interface, running on servers or in a public or private cloud
  • Provision of Activity Based Intelligence using Machine/Deep Learning algorithms, rule based anomaly detection, enhanced kinematic prediction
  • Enhancement of Situation Awareness Picture with Satellite & UAS Images, WorldDEM and SAR data

Your advantages with Fortion® SuRVIn ABI:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Combination of real-time situational awareness with long-term sensor based intelligence information

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Information superiority through exploitation of intelligence information and usage of Smart Data technology 

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Data Analytics discover and visualize hidden information in large scale multi-source datasets

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Pattern-of-life analysis for recognised surveillance objects

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Intelligence Centers

Defence and security decisions rely on up-to-date intelligence using relevant multi-source datasets. This requires innovative tools, which allow for the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of available information to give decision-makers the ability to quickly see detail and/or an overview of a situation.

Airbus has the capability to deliver customer-centric Intelligence Centres, which are complete solutions possibly combining:

  • an access to our imagery products,
  • to our defence information services,
  • processing and analysis tools for a wide range of intelligence disciplines (IMINT, OSINT, GEOINT, SIGINT),
  • training and support.

Airbus has packaged a set of entry level offers of Geospatial Intelligence Centres, focusing on IMINT, OSINT and GEOINT capabilities. The offer is modular and allow the centres to grow according to your specific requirements.

Intelligence Centers key features:

The offer is based on 5 components:

  • IMINT Starter Kit: image analyst software suite (Image Analyst Lite, IMINT KDB, RECCE Engine®) for image visualisation and exploitation
  • GEOINT Starter Kit: I4D Explorer licences for the collection and merging of images and geospatial data
  • Basic GEOINT Centre: miniature GEOINT platform including I4D Explorer software, a mini I4D Data Centre for data collection, cataloguing, storage and dissemination
  • Primary GEOINT Centre: built on the Basic offer, includes a larger and highly secured platform allowing to initiate OSINT capabilities
  • Extended Intelligence Centres are large and bespoke multi-intelligence centres tailored to the specific customers’ needs (objectives, organisation,maturity,…).

Your advantages with Geospatial Intelligence Centers:

Long experience & Proven product - Icon

State-of-the-art processing and data power

Customer support & training - Icon

Long-term relationships: When implementing our solutions we train, assist and help, ensuring you get maximum value

Scalable to user need - Icon

Modular and bespoke: Solutions that grow with your specific requirements

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Guaranteed usefulness: Our solutions are built around your needs and come with a 1-year warranty, training and support

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Massive Intelligence

With the explosion of data from all sources, the increase of threats, and the shortage of analysts, it becomes critical for Defence and Security customers to get tools to know where to focus their human expertise and ensure they don’t miss any information or alert.

Massive Intelligence is our future offer for Intelligence and will allow you to be more efficient in your daily work and better anticipate threats. It will feature fusion and multi-INT correlation to detect abnormal behaviours and bring more confidence in the informationfor decision, and ultimately will allow predictive analysis.

To achieve this, it will process automatically all data using analytics based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, semantic analysis and cloud. The first services will be launched in 2018 and will automatically process data from IMINT and OSINT.

Massive Intelligence key features:

  • Process and analysis automatically all collected data from imagery, open sources, signals, human intelligence
  • Optimisation of sensors’ capacities,
  • Collection of information beyond identified targets, to anticipate future threats
  • Multi-INT correlation and fusion
  • Better processing of asymmetric threats through automatic alerts and detection of weak signals
  • To be deployed as a service or as a system on a secured cloud, public or private

Your advantages with Massive Intelligence:

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Efficiency: Intelligence human resources focused on high value tasks of exploitation

Effective & Fast - Icon

Anticipation: Weak signal and abnormal detection for quick decisions

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Confidence of information: fusion and correlations between different sources

Safety first (data) - Icon

Exhaustive picture: no risk of missing an information thanks to the processing of all data

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SAMSARA® is an on-board surveillance system used for Defence & Security and Civil & Commercial missions (Coast/border/critical infrastructures surveillance, Riot control, firefighting, Search & Rescue operations, illegal trafficking, Fishery protection, monitoring of powerlines/pipelines/mine sites). Its flexible ans scalable multi-sensor architecture is customisable to customers' requirements (mission, platform, sensor) and adaptable to legacy platforms. It provides tactical situation awareness, sensor command & control and supervision functionalities.

2 products are available:

  • SAMSARA® 100: on-board surveillance for samll aircrafts and helicopters
  • SAMSARA® 200: flexible mission system to fit complex para-public or military applications

SAMSARA® key features:

  • On board sensors management
  • Tactical situation management
  • Multiple targets management
  • Autonomous navigation aid and tactical data management
  • Communication via SatCom (BLOS) or LOS
  • Mono or multi console solution

Your advantages with SAMSARA®:

Mapping applications - Icon

Ergonomic MMI (designed with end-users) and moving map

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon
Adaptable to legacy platforms
User friendliness - Icon
Ressources optimization: One single console for monitoring of all payloads by only one operator
Customer support & training - Icon

On-ground real time mission monitoring

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Fortion® MSSV

Fortion® MSSV is an operational system dedicated to land forces in charge of surveillance of sensitive areas. It is specifically designed for missions where sensor mobility is required.

It offers the capability of observation, detection, tracking, lassification, identification, decision and action/response (OODA-Loop) against security threats.

It is applied in Border Surveillance, Camp Protection, Critical Area Surveillance and Terrorist Tracking. Integrated in an all-terrain vehicle the solution ensures reliable performance, even amid challenging off-road conditions.

Equipped with a stabilization system and a shelter, the system can operate as a light stand-alone Operational Centre in any terrain from varying locations in the Area Of Responsibility (AOR). It represents an agile mobile surveillance solution perfectly adapted to desert environments and the requirements of wide surveillance areas. It provides increased surveillance capabilities for quick reaction.

Fortion® MSSV key features:

Very High performance detection and identification

  • Ground surveillance radar for automatic detection, classification and tracking
  • Framework for:

--Typically BOR-A (Thales) or equivalent

  • High resolution infrared and daylight low light cameras with Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder for identification

--Typically FLIR or equivalent

  • Sensors information is displayed to allow operators to focus on relevant targets within the SURV Software

High mobility

  • MSSV is an all-terrain vehicle based on a Mercedes Zetros 6x6, allowing best performance for off-road difficult accesses

Complete view – Friendly HMI

  • Dual screen workstations enable a clear and detailed view of the AOR
  • Dedicated camera window displays the video flow and enables a quick access to camera controls, tunings and tools.


  • Various communication means (from V/UHF radio to broadband satellite transmission ) can be easily integrated

Your advantages with Fortion® MSSV:

Effective & Fast_1 - Icon

Can be used as an operational Center in its area of  responsibility to coordinate Rapid Response Vehicle

User friendliness - Icon
Easy to deploy and  autonomous solution to rapidly secure specific fields of operation
Improved cooperation - Icon
Can be operated by a crew of two
Customer support & training - Icon
Integrated mobile surveillance solution, combined with a mobile command and control center
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SAFEcommand™ - Software Solutions for Public Safety & Homeland Security Operations

SAFEcommand™ is a set of component applications and services that ensure the effective deployment of Command & Control information to mobile resources in-the-field.

SAFEcommand™ can assist public safety, government and emergency planning and response organisations to meet their critical "duty of care" objectives through the provision of real-time location intelligence for integrated operations planning and response as well as full mobile data.

SAFEcommand™ key features:

  • Integrated and resilient multi-platform mobile systems (for Windows & Android): Provide fast and intuitive access to key information
  • Consistent information sharing between systems: Resilient two-way real-time distribution of messages status between the Command & Control and mobile systems via multiple radio communication bearers
  • Easy-to-use: Intuitive map-based system
  • Central System: Provide effective data consolidation and management prior to deployment to frontline resources
  • Automatic distribution of the centrally managed data and of SAFEcommand™ software updates to in-vehicle systems via Wireless and 3G/4G networks
  • TomTom Bridge application: Provide data communications and status updates with in-built TomTom navigation and real-time traffic information

Your advantage with SAFEcommand™:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Improved response times

Improved cooperation - Icon

Access up-to-date and accurate information as well as real-time location of resources

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Allows multi-agency data sharing

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Efficient and flexible contingency planning, incident command and emergency response solution

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