Observing our Planet for a Safer World
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Copernicus (formerly GMES, which stands for Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, is a joint initiative of the European Commission (EC) and the European Space Agency (ESA) aiming to operationally provide sound, reliable and affordable geo-information products and services throughout Europe and across the globe.

The services developed within Copernicus are based on remote sensing and in-situ observations as well as numerical models and are designed to support public authorities and decision makers in Europe and around the globe and to facilitate their reporting obligations from the new EU environmental directives. In 2008, Copernicus pre-operational services were launched with the objective to move into the operational phase in 2011.

The Geo-Intelligence programme line of Airbus Defence and Space has gained a leading role within Copernicus and has been engaged, since the beginning of this initiative, in developing and demonstrating a range of reliable, affordable and cost-effective services that support - among others - urban planning, water management, risk management, protection of the environment, biodiversity and soils.

Airbus Defence and Space has also worked with institutional Copernicus partners to develop innovative mechanisms and infrastructures for accessing Earth observation data. They cover R&D needs and Copernicus operational requirements. Airbus Defence and Space is actively involved in discussions at the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA) on ensuring future access to data and continuity of space-based infrastructures.

InCREO - Logo

IncREO (Increasing Resilience through Earth Observation) is the company's most recent project in the disaster management domain. Airbus Defence and Space is not only coordinating the activities but also contributing to the product and service development of assets mapping as well as risk and vulnerability mapping. IncREO is addressing the preparedness, prevention and post-crisis phases and is thus an extension of the company’s activities in SAFER, where the focus was on the crisis phase.

Geoland 2 - logo

Between 2004 and 2012, Airbus Defence and Space successfullyly lead the geoland1 and geoland2 projects, which provided the pre-operational land service within Copernicus.
The project aimed at providing geo-information data on the regional, European and global scale and covered thematic domains such as land use/ land cover change, soil sealing, water quality and availability, spatial planning, forest management, carbon storage and global food security.


Further, the companies experts contribute to Copernicus projects supporting disaster management (IncREO, SAFER, RISK-EOS, PREVIEW, BOSS4GMES), humanitarian aid (Respond) and civil security issues (G-MOSAIC).

SAFER - logo

In the SAFER project (Services and Applications For Emergency Response) the European capacity to respond to emergency situations is strengthened, covering disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides.

The main objectives are to improve the rapid mapping capacity and the provision of thematic products with risk specific information before and after the crisis. Airbus Defence and Space experts further develop flood risk analysis and assets mapping services and contribute to reference mapping based on both radar and optical Earth observation data.

Risk EOS - Preview - logo

Thereby the company continues its successful service developments from previous projects in the disaster management domain, namely RISK-EOS and PREVIEW.
Both these projects focused on service and product developments supporting users on federal and community level in their responsibilities for an effective flood risk management.

BOSS4GMES - logo

In addition, Airbus Defence and Space contributed to BOSS4GMES (Building Operational Sustainable Services for GMES), which developed an operational foundation for the long-term sustainability of Copernicus services, focusing on technology, business and communications.
In BOSS4GMES, the companies’ specialists led the Fast Track Service (FTS) Land and contributed to the FTS Emergency by providing topographic maps as background information and reference for future natural disasters.

Respond - logo

In the Respond project - which is an alliance of European and international service providers and organisations collaborating with actors from the humanitarian community - Airbus Defence and Space provides expertise in reference mapping as well as crisis and damage mapping.

G-mosaic - logo

Finally, G-MOSAIC (GMES Services for Management of Operations, Situation Awareness and Intelligence for regional Crises) is a project to identify and develop products, methodologies and pilot services that support the EU external relations policies and the Copernicus global security perspective. In the project, the Geo-Intelligence programme line of Airbus Defence and Space contributes to service developments related to site monitoring (blue & green borders, critical infrastructures) in combination with change detection as well as reference mapping services.