Find here below the release note for the new GeoStore version to come in October 2016

1.1 Interface
Fixed Fixed: When there were several polygons in the map, the name of the active polygon was not correctly refreshed.
Fixed Fixed: Switching between two polygons did not work properly if the user clicked on the line instead of the polygon name.
Fixed Fixed: The polygon names (when a user renames a polygon) were not saved in the projects.
Fixed Fixed: Drawing an AOI by coordinates did not work properly when entering coordinates with a high number of decimals.
Unresolved Unresolved: Users might encounter issues when trying to surf GeoStore with Safari on Ipad. We recommend that users switch to a different web browser such as Chrome or Mozilla or use a different platform to access GeoStore.

1.2 Catalogue Search
Fixed Fixed: Displaying SPOTMaps previews could take time; it is no longer the case.
Fixed Fixed: Several minor issues were reported about the target mode.
Fixed Fixed: When searching images by ID, only the first ten images were displayed in the result list. Search by ID is no longer limited in the number of results.
Fixed Fixed: When displaying multiple previews or footprints of products in the result list, clicking again on the preview or footprint button did not stop the current display.
Fixed Fixed: Some discrepancies between preview and associated footprint were reported for some SPOT10-m imagery.

1.3 Tasking
Fixed Fixed: Several minor issues were reported on the OneDay & OneNow feasibility studies including the following:

- If the “extended angles” box was not ticked in the result list, exporting the feasibility study was empty. It is no longer the case.
- Users can now export the feasibility study from the basket.

1.4 Ordering
Fixed Fixed: Approvers could not approve orders placed by other users.
Fixed Fixed: The project names could interfere with the ordering steps (long project names, different names between project and order).
Fixed Fixed: The city and country were not displayed properly during the checkout step, although it did not prevent the order from being placed. This information now displays properly.