What's New in GeoStore?

We continuously develop our GeoStore in order to offer you the best possible online experience. Stay up to date on the latest improvements in GeoStore.

March 2016

You can now follow your orders and acquisitions directly from the map!

The map becomes the one-stop space for finding archives, tasking and tracking all your orders created, in progress or delivered. Be connected 24/7!
GeoStore allows you to follow all your orders, whether in progress, delivered or created.
Order status - EN

You can refine your searches by displaying metadata, and centre the map on the AoI extent
Order line - all languages

Following your tasking orders enables you to scroll down the different taskings and each acquisition attempt.
You may validate or reject the proposal
Prog status - EN

February 2016

WorldDEM is now available online and ready for displaying, searching and ordering!

All the WorldDEM products are available with relevant color code : http://www.geo-airbusds.com/worlddem

  • WorldDEM
  • WorldDEMcore
  • WorldDEM DTM

There will be no quick looks at the beginning; WorldDEM team is working on creating an absolute height colorization basemap.

GeoStore - WorldDEM Archive

GeoStore - WorldDEM Archive 2


DEM selection is now available!

DEM selection


Display public price, discount and discounted price in the check-out page

GeoStore - Checkout - discount

GeoStore - Checkout - discount2

You can print your order!

GeoStore - Checkout print

October 2015

SPOTMaps 1.5 browse, cutline, and acquisition date are now available!

The quick looks are now active for the product named “SPOTMAPS 1.5 + KML”.

The acquisition date and the cutline are available.

GeoStore - SptoMaps 1.5

Click on the Browse icon to see those!