Choose your spectral mode

Multispectral 2m
4-band (BGR NIR)
Pansharpened 50cm Bundle: Panchromatic 50cm
+ Multispectral 2m 4-band
4-band 3-band, Natural Colour 3-band, False Colour
  • Urban areas
  • Infrastructure, fine linear features, etc.
  • Classification
  • Land-use mapping
  • Agriculture, forestry, natural environment
  • Photo-interpretation
  • Mapping
  • Photo-interpretation
  • Mapping
  • Posters
  • Communications materials (videos, publications, etc.)
  • Backdrop imagery for web outreach applications
  • Vegetation growth monitoring
  • Farmland delineation (field identification system)
  • Boundary mapping of fine natural areas (e.g. corridors along water courses)
  • If you want to merge imagery yourself
  • For classification-type multi-resolution processing (for vines, orchards, etc.)