TerraSAR-X / TanDEM-X

Our Radar satellites acquire datasets ranging from very high-resolution to widearea coverage. Data is acquired independent of weather conditions. After the successful launch of HisdeSAT’s X-band SAR satellite PAZ (a TerraSAR-X / TanDEM-X clone), the newly build Radar Constellation provides an increased acquisition capacity as well as an improved global mean revisit time (~ daily revisit) and a significantly reduced interferometric repeat cycle (4 days / 7 days), supporting data-hungry, high monitoring frequency applications. The Radar Constellation builds the reliable basis for a broad services & applications portfolio, benefitting from its accurate measurement, reliable monitoring and Near-Real-Time product capabilities.

Product Description

 Staring SpotLight
Down to 25cm spatial resolution
@ 4 x 3.7km or 2.5 x 7.5km

High Resolution SpotLight
Up to 1m spatial resolution
@ 5 to 10km swath width

Up to 2m spatial resolution
@ 10km swath width

Up to 3m spatial resolution
@ 30km swath width

18.5m spatial resolution
@ 100km swath width

Wide ScanSAR
40m spatial resolution
@ up to 270 x 200km (length up to 1,500km)


  • Imagery of varying modes with aflexible spatial resolution (from 25cm to 40m) and footprint
  • Geometric accuracy unrivalled by any other commercial spaceborne sensor today
  • Excellent radiometric accuracy
  • Weather-independent site access to any point on Earth
  • Unique agility (rapid switches between imaging modes and polarisations)


  • Reliable, weather & daylight independent image acquisition & monitoring capability
  • Capability to measure surface heights, surface movements
  • Near-Real-Time (NRT) data & information delivery over large areas, for ship detection
  • Large area coverage with unique resolution
  • Best commercially available radar solution up to 25cm for IMINT applications


  • Two tasking plans per day for integration of short-notice requests in the tasking plan
  • Virtual Ordering Station providing 24/7 online access to archive
  • Online Interface as a web service to support secure ordering 24/7
  • Personal tasking through Customer Care & Satellite Tasking Team
  • Comprehensive network of ground stations and Direct Access Services


  • Geospatial/Image Intelligence
  • Digital Surface & Terrain Models (DSM & DTM)
  • Maritime Monitoring
  • Change Detection
  • Environmental Mapping
  • Surface Movement Monitoring
  • Emergency Response Information