9 companies (Systran, Oppscience, Vocapia, Emvista, Golem.ai, Geotrend, Storyzy, Elda and Airbus) gave speeches to explain how Natural Language Processing is a key driver to analyse multi-source information quicker.

Co-organised by Airbus and the French MoD, this first Natural Language Processing (NLP) Day gathered the best French specialists together to discuss six key topics:

  • Automatic translation
  • Text processing, semantics and correlation
  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Linguistics resources and evaluation
  • NLP in information warfare
  • NLP and big data processing

The audience learned that NLP could improve, for example:

  • Communication between individuals (for human intelligence, aeronautics communications, crisis management, etc.)
  • Extraction of information of interest in multilingual contents
  • Man-machine interactions or vocal command in complex systems

This event allowed the audience to better understand current and future challenges, as well as efficiently implementing these techniques in operational systems and fundamentally giving the different participating companies the opportunity to share their knowledge and exchange information, which could lead to future collaborations.