Heavy rains brought by Storm Daniel late on Sunday 10 September, 2023 caused two dams to burst on the Wadi Derna riverbed of the eastern Libyan city of Derna.

Pléiades Neo before- and-after satellite imagery shows the scale of damage to city after floodwaters swept away bridges, streets and communities.

Pléiades Neo 30cm resolution imagery shows the Derna coastline, Libya, on Friday, 18 August, 2023, left, and the same flood-affected region on Wednesday, 13 September, 2023, right.

Imagery shows the impacts of the flooding, revealing a brown layer of sediment and dirt across the city, as well as sediment and debris stretching out to sea, which appeared visibly brown along the shoreline.

Two dams situated above the city of Derna burst following the heavy rains from Storm Daniel, unleashing a flood several meters high that rolled down the mountainside into the city. Imagery above shows the impact of the torrential rain to the lower of the two Derna dams in this before-and-after imagery comparison.
Essential infrastructure, including bridges, roads and building, suffered extensive damage, particularly in the vicinity of the Wadi Derna river.

Buildings located near the river have disappeared, leaving only their foundations visible.

This major coastal road was destroyed by floodwaters, collapsing into the sea. The loss of infrastructure and flood debris has challenged rescue workers ability to access the city and undertake rescue efforts.