Working together Airbus and PRI have led the way in combining powerful baseline environmental data with specialist property datasets, property claims datasets and portfolio information.

The relationship has proved incredibly beneficial for both parties in supporting their combined business objectives of modernising UK lender systems relating to mortgage origination, property risk and property perils delivered on-demand via portfolio assessment, case triage or field effort.

Airbus and PRI have teams embedded within each other’s client programmes ensuring Earth Observation, big data and visualisation tools are grounded in field experience and “coal face” property experience making both business offerings to clients richer.

Paul Russell (Head of UK Programmes - Intelligence), Airbus states:

“PRI and Airbus are leading the way in combining sophisticated remote observation capabilities with physical site level information to create powerful solutions and producing meaningful insights for clients.”

Michael Lawson (Chief Executive) of Property Risk Inspection states:

“Having the power of Airbus remote sensing, earth observation and big data capacity available to our work at address level in the field gives us a reach and capability most SMEs couldn’t deliver. Airbus has proven ready and willing to invest in programmes that bring alive our work and we look forward to continuing our long association in the lender services space.”

Graeme Winser (Director Strategy) of Property Risk Inspection states:

“PRI and Airbus demonstrate the perfect marriage value of big business capacity with agile SME delivery and we look forward to an exciting 2021 demonstrating to clients the art of the possible in regard to property risk, perils and climate change modelling.”