Fortion® Mobile Command Post Solutions based on expandable or non-expandable containers housing IT systems

Fortion® Mobile Command Post Solutions

IT deployment in the field - Reliable, protected and autonomous

Fortion® Mobile Command Posts provide highly mobile, deployable and functionally networked workrooms with optional EMP shielding and ballistic protection.

Fortion Mobile Command Posts are expandable or non-expandable containers or shelters, offering up to 27m² floor surface for up to twelve workstations.

Designed to protect modern IT systems and make a major contribution to reducing the defect and failure rate, they can be deployed on the ground as well as on vehicles fit for 20ft ISO containers.

Fortion Command Post Solutions are based on field proven building blocks and customisable to a large field of applications. An equipment compartment houses the power supply, air conditioning and collective NBC protection. They are transportable by truck, train, ship and aircraft. As an option, protective measures against ballistic fire, shrapnel, mines and lateral blast attacks can be added. Optional measures for sand and dust handling can be provided as well. Workrooms can also be equipped with additional electro-magnetic shielding.


Key features

Technical features

  • Weight: Empty from ~4,500kg, total max 13,500kg
  • Generator: Up from 20-40kVA/400V in standard configuration
  • Noise level: 65dB(A) outside at 7m distance, <60dB(A) inside
  • Temperature range: -32°C to + 55°C
  • Airflow: 2x 120m³/h for NBC protection


ISO 668, MIL-STD-810, AECTP-230, STANAG 4370, STANAG 4569


Ballistic protection, sand and dust handling, separate IT compartment

Your advantages with Fortion Mobile Command Post Solutions

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon


Pre-qualified field proven solution

User friendliness - Icon

Plug and play

Integration and verification of all necessary infrastructure

Effective & Fast - Icon

Tailored to your needs

Modular building blocks reduce time and qualification efforts


  • EuroHawk: command post used as ground control station
  • NH90 and Tiger helicopters: ground control station
  • Command post for several C2 solutions

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