Multi-Sensors Surveillance Vehicles, easy to deploy and equipped with sensors to rapidly detect threats and secure specific fields of operation
Fortion® MSSV: Multi-sensors surveillance vehicle

Optimal Surveillance in any terrain

Fortion® MSSV is an operational system in charge of surveillance of sensitive areas. It is specifically designed for missions where sensor mobility is required.

Fortion MSSV offers the capability of observation, detection, tracking, classification, identification, decision and action/response (OODA-Loop) against security threats.

It is applied in:

  • Border surveillance
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Camp protection
  • Critical area surveillance
  • Terrorist tracking

Integrated in an all-terrain vehicle, based on a Mercedes Zetros 6x6 or equivalent, the solution ensures reliable performance, even amid challenging off-road conditions. Equipped with a stabilisation system and a shelter, the system can operate as a light standalone Operational Centre in any terrain from varying locations in the Area of Responsibility (AOR). It represents an agile mobile surveillance solution perfectly adapted to desert environments and the requirements of wide surveillance areas. It provides increased surveillance capabilities for quick reactivity.

Airbus Multi Sensor Surveillance Vehicle harsh environment


Key features

  • Detection and identification with complete view through multiple screens
  • Can be used as an Operational Centre in its AoR to coordinate Rapid Response Vehicle
  • Integrated mobile surveillance solution, combined with a mobile Command and Control Centre
  • Can be operated by a crew of two

Your advantages with Fortion MSSV

User friendliness - Icon
Easy to deploy and autonomous solution to rapidly secure specific fields of operation
Safety first (data)_1 - Icon
Ruggedised for harsh environments to execute planned surveillance or react to critical incidents
High quality & Reliability_2 - Icon
State-of-the-art communication and monitoring equipment
User friendliness - Icon

Component of the Fortion® C5ISR solution family providing compatibility with Fortion® TacticalC2

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