Whether the requirement is for nationwide surveillance and border protection or to deploy assets globally to support military operations, the need for information superiority within the armed forces is critical. Military surveillance systems, collecting intelligence 24/7 from sensors on land, air and sea, require advanced solutions to quickly process the resulting volumes of data. Our Fortion® solutions are the most suited tools to transform data collected by real-time sensors into actionable information for decision-making.



Turn your collected data into information superiority in real-time

Fortion® SuRVIn ABI

Activity-Based Intelligence for enhanced decision making

Fortion SuRVIn ABI provides information superiority by enhancing real-time ISR systems with new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities for faster and more efficient decision making.

Fortion SuRVIn ABI surveillance solution

NATO Alliance ground Surveillance

Fortion® SuRVIn cPED

The solution for tactical and operational ISR

Fortion SuRVIn cPED (Intelligence, Exploitation, Surveillance Suite) provides full exploitation and surveillance capabilities for tactical and operational ISR, establishing and distributing a shared situational awareness picture in real-time.

Fortion® SuRVIn STIC

The solution for country-wide strategic ISR and strategic ISR on-board of aircraft

Fortion SuRVIn STIC is a combat proven, strategic ISR solution, capable of gathering information from a network of hundreds of different surveillance sensors and to establish and distribute a shared situational awareness picture in real-time.

Graphic Situational Awareness - Fortion® SuRVIn STIC

Support your application with on-demand expertise

Tactical situation management system for light mission aircraft and helicopters

Fortion® SAMSARA®

On-board airborne tactical situation

Awareness Fortion SAMSARA is an airborne ISR system (hardware and software) for multi-sensor surveillance and reconnaissance light aircrafts and helicopters.

Multi-Sensors Surveillance Vehicles, easy to deploy and equipped with sensors to rapidly secure fields of operation

Fortion® MSSV

Optimal surveillance in any terrain

Fortion MSSV is an operational system dedicated to land forces in charge of surveillance of sensitive areas, specifically designed for missions requiring sensor mobility.