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Smart Report

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Smart Report is a tailored service providing imagery and geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) to defence, international organisations and private companies upon request.

Using satellite image analysis, combined with other data and expert knowledge, our analysts are able to provide detailed insight and intelligence, based on a customer’s challenges and objectives over a specific Area of Interest (AoI).

Ordering a Smart Report is easy, customers simply define their parameters on our website and provide:

  • Contact details
  • Area of Interest
  • A short summary of the request
Smart Report Laptop Report format

The report can be used for many applications

Defence and Security

  • Battle Damage Assessment (BDA)
  • Border monitoring
  • Missile launch pad monitoring
  • Mapping of military infrastructures
  • Military activity surveillance
  • Order of Battle (ORBAT)

Crisis and Disaster Management

  • Natural damage assessment
  • Mapping of damaged hectares and infrastructures
  • Large-scale fire monitoring
  • Pre-evaluation of potential risks

Engineering and Urban Planning

  • Monitor construction work
  • Detect illegal construction
  • Cadastral surveys

Oil, Gas, Mining & Energy

  • Mapping of oil and gas distribution systems
  • Monitoring the security of oil and gas infrastructure
  • Surveillance of nuclear sites
  • Wind Turbine location optimisation
  • Dam modelling
Do you need insight? Give us your Area of Interest and we will do the rest.



Key features

  • Team of Airbus experts
  • Secure exchange of information
  • Detailed GeoPDF report
  • Easy request, fast delivery
  • Service accessible globally
  • Detailed reporting enabling smart decision-making

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Detailed reporting enabling smart decision-making


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