Fortion® IMINT KDB©

Identify ground infrastructure instantly

Fortion® IMINT KDB© is our image intelligence knowledge database to support the image analyst in the recognition and identification of ground infrastructure.

Fortion® Image Intelligence Knowledge Database© (IMINT KDB©) provides a method and a powerful set of tools to collect, save, organise and share knowledge about the identification of ground infrastructure. This innovative software is based on a comprehensive database structure enriched with more than 15 years of experience in image intelligence (IMINT). The powerful knowledge database is fully dedicated to daily image analysis and is structured into a media library equipped with an efficient and powerful search tool.

Fortion IMINT KDB indentify ground infrastructures instantly

Easy-to-use thanks to an intuitive and simple interface, it enables close and efficient cooperation among teams as distributed knowledge via the platform gives different groups of users secured access to data. It also allows image analysts to complete the database with new content (image capture, process or methodology description, comments).

Fortion IMINT KDB completes the Fortion® RECCE Engine© tool, dedicated to mobile military targets identification.


Fortion IMINT KDB enrichment database

Fortion IMINT KDB precise and detailed database

Fortion IMINT KDB easy to use search engine

Fortion IMINT KDB easy to use search engine


Key features

  • Support for the identification and recognition of infrastructure from satellite or airborne imagery
  • Data provision for the creation and illustration of intelligence reports


Your advantages with Fortion IMINT KDB

Effective & Fast - Icon

Easy and quick recognition of infrastructure within imagery covering the nineteen NATO categories

Chart Increase Icon
Evolutionary database thanks to smart completion of characteristics, import of specific content and knowledge capitalisation
Cost efficient - Icon
Significant reduction of costs and time constraints through rapidly accessible data and shared knowledge
User friendliness - Icon
Intuitive, user friendly man-to-machine interface

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