In an uncertain and often volatile world, intelligence is vital for detecting and classifying threats as soon as possible, and providing a comprehensive view of the operational environment to enable timely decision-making.
Our systems and end-to-end solutions used by the Intelligence Services, cover the entire intelligence cycle: from multi-sensor data collection (IMINT, ELINT, OSINT, HUMINT, CyberINT and COMINT) to the exploitation of said data through to fusion, authentication and analysis. Our specialised modules are used by the domain analysts of a specific technical intelligence chain (IMINT, ELINT, COMINT, OSINT) to exploit multi-sensor data - all in the pursuit of supporting intelligence-enhanced operations.



Our products and services for Mono-Domains Exploitation

Fortion® Image Analyst

IMINT advanced exploitation

Exploitation of multi-sensory imagery data to create Image Intelligence (IMINT) products.

Fortion Image Analyst IMINT change detection split

Fortion Image Analyst Lite Huludao

Fortion® Image Analyst Lite

IMINT analysis and annotation

Extract information from satellite images regardless of your experience in geographic imaging and easily publish strategic and tactical intelligence reports.

Fortion® IMINT KDB

Infrastructure recognition tool

Image Intelligence Knowledge Database to support image analysts in the recognition and identification of ground infrastructures.

Fortion IMINT KDB user friendly interface

Fortion RECCE Engine sea equipment recognition tool

Fortion® RECCE Engine

Equipment recognition semi-automatic tool

Innovative semi-automatic recognition tool to support the image analyst in mobile assets recognition.

Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst

ELINT exploitation software application

Localise, track and characterise electromagnetic emitters to produce an electronic order of battle.

Fortion Electronic Warfare Analyst elint system

Support your application with on-demand expertise

Analyse unstructured datasets with Fortion MediaMining

Open Source Intelligence Software

Extract, process and analyse unstructured datasets from OSINT and CYBER sources in our Multi-Int solutions, thanks to dedicated exploitation and analysis capabilities.

Fortion COMINT Analyst delivers automatic analysis and processing of communications

Automatic Analysis and Processing of Communications

Automatically analyse and process communications coming from multiple sources and sensors.